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Welcome to Tao Healing with Master Sha. We are honored to help you today in learning more about training programs with the Tao Academy.

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If you are new to Tao Healing, please take a moment to go through the following steps to learn more about how Tao Healing works.

Step One: Learn More About Tao Healing

Master Sha teaches the Four Power Techniques® and Say Hello Healing® to create Soul Mind Body Medicine®, a complete Tao spiritual system for optimum health and well-being.

Based on quantum science, your soul carries information and messages — both positive and negative. According to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, good karma brings rewards — including physical health and vitality, emotional calm and balance, good relationships and finances, and more. Bad karma brings lessons — pain, suffering, challenges and blockages in your life. Your soul may be carrying karma and other limiting messages that may block your experience of well-being.

Your soul, the essence of who you are, can heal itself. According to ancient wisdom, every part of your body, from your toes to your heart to your mind, has its own soul. When you focus on the soul through meditation and other spiritual practices, you may send a new message to your being for a joyful and healthy life.

According to Master Sha’s book, Soul Mind Body Science System, every organ, system and part of your body is made of jing qi shen, which means your body contains:

Jing: Matter
Soul, heart and mind

All matter carries a soul and all energy also carries a soul.

The term soul (ling in Chinese) has been used more in China and other Asian countries. Spirit has been used more in Western countries. Message is used more in the scientific field. Soul, spirit and message are the same thing but with different names.

Everything is made of matter, including atoms, protons, neurons, electrons and more. Matter radiates energy. Matter and energy never disappear — they transform from one to the other.

Matter and energy are the carriers of message. Message is soul or spirit. Soul is the boss. Soul directs the transformation between matter and energy. When this transformation is in relative balance, then health and vitality may occur.

Soul has many layers, which make up a complete soul system in a human being. You have a soul of the body (a body soul), which is your spirit or essence. You have a soul for each system, a soul for each organ, a soul for each cell and so on.

By focusing on the soul through meditation and other spiritual practices, you may send a new message to your soul to help you to be healthy and happy.

Step Two: Training Programs

Master Sha’s Tao Academy™ welcomes all those who would like to empower their lives and the lives of others. We are dedicated to providing you a quality education in the sacred and practical techniques of Soul Power.

Let the Tao Academy assist you on your soul journey by becoming a Tao Hands Practitioner, Divine Direct Soul Communicator or a Tao Song, Tao Dance, Tao Music Practitioner.

Step Three: Online Courses

Begin your studies with an online general education course through Master Sha’s Tao Academy™.

The Tao Academy is a unique learning experience resource, offering a wide variety of online courses and workshops focused on wellness, spirituality, personal growth, productivity, creativity and more. Explore both fee-based courses and free classes, all designed to empower you to create your optimal life.

The course modules at the Tao Academy are designed to help you make small changes that over time create huge benefits in the quality of your life.

Step Four: Self Healing

Your soul has the power to heal itself. Choose from the many free and low-cost techniques and practices Master Sha offers for connecting with your soul.

  • Soul Self Healing: The Four Power Techniques® are spiritual secrets for connecting with the soul. Soul Power is the secret of secrets. Master Sha’s sacred Say Hello Healing® formula invokes Soul Power for blessing any aspect of your life.
  • Free Services: Master Sha and his Certified Master Teachers offer many free blessings for your health and well-being. Join us for Sunday Divine Blessings teleconferences and Sound of Heart and Soul Blessings webcasts, as well as experiencing other free services.
  • Chanting Channel: Join friends from around the world to chant. For thousands of years, singing or chanting has been one of the most powerful spiritual practices for life transformation. Divine Soul Songs carry divine frequency and vibration to support your soulfulness practice.
  • Tao Healing on demand video: Master Sha combines energy work, affirmations, meditations, visualizations, chanting and blessings for helping you to stay healthy and happy.
  • Books, CDs and DVDs: Study, practice with and receive blessings from Master Sha’s books, CDs and DVDs, including the Soul Mind Body Science System, Soul Healing Miracles and the Soul Power Series.


If there is one quality that integrates wisdom traditions of the East and West, it is the deep appreciation of the fundamental importance of love and compassion for human life, and by extension, the world. Written by a Master Healer and Teacher, with the assistance of two of his colleagues, Greatest Love gracefully outlines practical strategies for using our minds to foster unconditional love for ourselves, humanity, and the planet. We are introduced to ancient Chinese wisdom such as Tian Ren He Yi which means "the big universe and human beings join as one." Though Western science has yet to understand and research some of the conclusions and recommendations expressed in this book, the beauty lies in the fact that such visionary science can be conducted in the future. The authors honor and celebrate the trinity of soul, heart, and love.

– Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, is Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery. His books include The Energy Healing Experiments, The G.O.D. Experiments, and Super Synchronicity.