TCHF Healing Days Introduction, October 2020

Bring Positive Energy into Your Finances and Your Health

Financial flourishing and good health are high on just about everyone’s priority list. These two aspects of life often become even more important as the years drift by. The value of good health is obvious and worth supporting in the most effective and feasible ways, while financial flourishing is highly sought as a means by which to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

To maintain, restore, or enhance good health and abundant finances may require the best tools and practices available during these challenging times.

Fortunately, we’re happy to share with you one of the most powerful transformational tools available today – a unique positive information and energy system that you can easily apply to bring positive energy and high frequencies and vibrations directly into your health and finances.

With simple practices it is possible to transform blockages in these areas of your life and move steadily toward your dreams and goals. In fact, many people experience improvements, positive shifts, and genuine transformation right away.

Learn How to Transform Your Finances and Health

Let us introduce you to this powerful system that provides you access to unlimited positive energy and simple principles and practices that you can use right away to begin to transform blockages to flourishing finances and health.

You will learn how to tap into a field of pure, positive frequencies and vibrations that, with some wisdom and simple applications, can help you create better health and more abundant finances in order to live a happier, healthier, more flourishing life.

Imagine being able to continuously shift these areas in a positive direction!

This spiritual healing field and system can help you to:
  • unlock your healing power
  • access the root causes of your financial and health challenges
  • transform blockages in your finances and health
  • address chronic personal issues affecting your life
  • reduce pain and suffering
  • restore balance and harmony
  • feel happier and healthier

In 2019, my parents listed a property. Their goal was to sell it within 6 months. If not, they would need to rent it out and they didn’t want to do that. Two months passed by….no interest. Then I started to do a practice every day from the “Greatest Forgiveness” book by Dr and Master Sha- to heal and transform finances and business. About a month later, they received an offer within the range that they asked for. They made a healthy profit and sold it in 3 months in a slow market!

—Eric C.

During a financially challenging time I needed some extra money as soon as possible. I finally sat down to do forgiveness practice using the techniques Master Sha taught us. About 20 minutes into it I had a huge release and started to cry. I immediately felt better and continued to practice for the rest of the hour. Right at the end of the hour, I received a text. It was notice of a payment that was totally unexpected, for hundreds of dollars! An immediate financial blessing! I was so grateful.

—Pamela C.

A client wanted to receive a blessing for finances. I offered her a special blessing using the Tao Calligraphy Healing Art and practices I had received from Master Sha. In couple of weeks she reported that she received a check from her mother who she said never ever gave her money, but only gave to her sister. This time she received a significant amount along with her sister. She was so surprised and grateful.

—Nadia R


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Join us for this 4-day event focused on transforming your finances and health. You will receive:

  • Simple tools and practices to help you bring positive information and energy into your finances and health
  • Practices that help you awaken and expand your healing and transformation power
  • Techniques to help you transform blockages to flourishing finances and good health
  • Three Golden Light treasures (transmissions) – one to boost your finances and two to help you transform specific aspects of your health in order to help you maintain your health and wellbeing in these uncertain times
  • And more!

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