Tao Hands

Become a Tao Hands Practitioner and make a bigger difference in the world

You can facilitate greater health, happiness, peace, love and harmony in yourself, your loved ones, your community and Mother Earth

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Have you ever felt helpless in the face of your own or others’ challenges?
Have you ever wished you had more power to nurture change and positive impact?
Do you long to offer greater service to your community and humanity at large?

With Tao Hands, you are empowered!

Through the power and dedication of Master Zhi Gang Sha has come the spiritual transmission called Tao Hands. Tao Hands carry the love, forgiveness, compassion and light of the Tao, which is the Source. Tao Hands Practitioners carry Source frequency and blessing power.

Watch heart touching stories of transformation through Tao Hands

Are you ready to be a more empowered human being?

Do you want to be a better servant?

We have trained and certified thousands of Tao Hands Practitioners!

xx% of Tao Hands practitioners say that Tao Hands have greatly improved their lives.
xx % apply their Tao Hands daily to help themselves and others.

Begin your Tao Hands journey TODAY. Here’s How:

Take a Soul Mind Body Health and Wellness Workshop

This life-changing weekend workshop empowers you with soul wisdom and practices to create a healthy, happy life.

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Apply to Become a Tao Hands Practitioner

One of our Certified Master Teachers will check your readiness at the SMBHW workshop or via request.

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Take a Tao Hands Certification Workshop

Receive the Source Transmission of Tao Hands with training on how to use it to bless yourself and others.

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