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Every weekend, join Certified Tao Chang Grand Masters Francisco Quintero, David Lusch, Orlena Wong and Patrick Sambueno to experience the healing and transformation that has impacted thousands around the world.

In Tao Chang Healing Sessions, you will experience ancient and new Tao wisdom, practices and blessings that are focused on health, wellness, spirituality, personal growth and more, to help you overcome your unique challenges and enjoy more success in your life.

What these sessions can do for you

Health and Well-being

  • Help you experience less pain
  • Nourish energy, stamina and vitality
  • Foster increased mobility
  • Promote emotional balance
  • Stimulate mental clarity and openness
  • And more

Happiness, Success and Spiritual Growth

  • Nourish love, forgiveness and compassion
  • Promote happy, loving relationships
  • Support alignment to your highest potential
  • Help activate success in finance, business and more
  • Foster a sense of Oneness with all life
  • And more
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Heart-touching stories of transformation


Upcoming sessions • $100 CAD

Each registered participant of the Tao Chang Healing Session will receive a Tao Light Field Blessing for one area (either one system, or one organ, or one part of the body, or one health condition). Our Certified Tao Chang Grand Masters align with the Tao Oneness field of information, energy and matter present in the Tao Chang to transmit the blessing. How it Works »

How does it work?

Everyone (and everything) consists of a vibrational field made of information, energy and matter. The quality or essence of a vibrational field has to do with the positivity or negativity of its information. The field(s) within and around our personal being, and any field that we spend time in – such our homes, offices, neighborhoods, cities, etc., can affect how we feel and how easily we can uplift ourselves or progress on our journeys of transformation and growth.

Tao Chang literally means Source Field. It is created by Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy. Tao Calligraphy is a unique spiritual healing art in which we enter into a meditative state and write Chinese characters of positive words or phrases in one qi, or with one stroke of the brush. This helps us to connect with the Oneness of everyone and everything and brings balance, peace and more into our lives.

Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy is based on the totality of his dedicated background, including his mastery of the Asian arts, Chinese herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yi Bi Zi (one-stroke) Chinese calligraphy, western medicine, acupuncture and numerous in-depth spiritual and energetic practices and traditions. Essentially, Master Sha connects and flows the universal information, energy and matter into each Tao Calligraphy he writes, and through a transmission, he ensures the Tao Calligraphy will continue to carry this information, energy and matter in service to others.

Francisco Quintero, David Lusch, Orlena Wong and Patrick Sambueno have undergone in depth training with Master Sha. As Certified Tao Chang Grand Masters, when they teach, lead practice and offer blessings in the Tao Chang Healing Sessions, they align with the Tao Oneness field of information, energy and matter in Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphies. Those who are present in this very special universal field of love and more, can receive nourishment, renewal and blessings that help transform the information, energy and matter in their fields to be more aligned with Source.

Research has demonstrated the power and effectiveness of Tao Chang and Tao Calligraphy, and results have been presented at medical conferences and in medical journals. (Details at ShaResearchFoundation.org). Many participants have shared healing and transformation stories and thousands are practicing Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang meditation regularly to benefit their lives in numerous ways.


Dr. and Master Sha has shared that:
Tao Calligraphy is the love art to transform all life.
Tao Chang is the love field that transforms all life.

Meet the Tao Chang Grand Masters


Francisco Quintero

Francisco Quintero is the lead teacher at the Tao Academy and has developed training programs worldwide. Author of Divine Joy: How to Experience Joy in Everyday Life and co-author of Greatest Love: Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes Day with the Power of Unconditional Love, he teaches how to overcome life’s challenges and how to create a joyful life using simple yet powerful Tao secrets and practices.

David Lusch

David Lusch is an author and top teacher at Master Sha’s Tao Academy. He travels worldwide offering Tao wisdom and has trained thousands of soul practitioners. A graduate of California State University who has worked in the high-tech industry, David suffered for years with obsessive-compulsive disorder until meeting Master Sha and learning Tao wisdom and practices that helped to cure his condition. David now empowers people to overcome their life challenges.

Patrick Sambueno

Patrick Sambueno is the Co-Director and Business Manager of Master Sha’s Tao Center in Hawaii. Raised in Hawaii, he is a graduate of Chaminade University. Patrick is a leading teacher of the Tao Academy and is devoted to spreading the Tao teachings and practices. Following the example of his teacher Master Sha, he is committed to unconditional service for those in need.

Orlena Wong

Orlena Wong is the Co-director of the Master Sha Tao Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. A native of Hawaii and graduate of the University of Southern California, she owns the largest youth hostel in Hawaii for international travelers. A devoted student of Master Sha’s since 2011 and a leading teacher for the Tao Academy, she is dedicated to helping others and spreading love, peace and harmony throughout the world.