What is Tao?

Lao Zi, the author of Tao De Jing, explained Tao as follows:

Tao Ke Tao, Fei Chang Tao, which means Tao cannot be explained in words nor comprehended by thoughts. Lao Zi also explained that Tao is like the blurred condition. Within the blurred condition, there is the tiniest Jing Qi Shen. “Jing” means matter. “Qi” means energy. “Shen” includes soul, heart, and mind (consciousness).

Lao Zi also explained that Tao is before Heaven and Mother Earth.

Tao is Source.
Tao is the Creator.
Tao is the universal principles and laws.
Tao is the Way of all life.

Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches Tao Source and offers Tao Source blessings. Tao Source is Jia Tao
Jia Tao is the ancient wisdom of Tao, it includes Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, I-Ching and more. Jia Tao is different from Jiou Tao which is Taoism (religion).