Soul Paintings

What are soul paintings?

An impulse or desire to connect with one’s soul is one that spans continents, generations, and beliefs. Did you know that every single being that exists has a soul and is on a on a soul journey? Our soul is the essence of our being, the light being within us that has the power to guide us to higher intelligence, to share wisdom and knowledge and so much more.

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The soul is immortal. Over the many reincarnations and lives that each one of us has lived, each soul has gathered infinite wisdom and knowledge through the unique experiences that the soul has gathered. When situations are challenging, the only way to truly overcome these challenges is to go within. When we have access to the soul, we have access to infinite wisdom and profound knowledge. Having access to our highest self is the ultimate gift. Oftentimes, with this unique access, we are best able to navigate through demanding times with greater ease, creating a new meadow of opportunity.

Soul Paintings are paintings of the soul within you. A soul painting reveals aspects of your soul to you, including your soul’s purpose, hidden soul potential and messages from your soul. The journey of discovering your soul, and receiving the soul painting and messages that your soul wishes to communicate with you, is sacred and extremely distinctive. When we discover and experience the true potential of our souls often, we are able to awaken qualities which lay dormant, which enables us to communicate more lovingly and effectively with others, to soften into a sense of peace during difficult times. We can gain great confidence, which comes from the inner strength and power our souls carry.

Master Nina Mistry is a Certified Tao Grand Master Painter who has been blessed with the abilities to create these powerful soul paintings. Each person who requests a soul painting is guided through a sacred process, through which their soul image is revealed to Master Nina, which she translates into a painting.

Each Soul Painting also comes with a soul message for each person, which is flowed and offered to each recipient. Master Nina also provides ongoing help and guidance to connect deeper with the soul through the painting.

Master Nina’s Journey to Become a Soul Painter

Since as long as I can remember, I was painting and drawing, even as a young child. I grew up on art, started my formal art training at the age of seven, and received formal technical education from an art college for many years. I have presented my work in numerous art galleries and exhibitions around the world. I met Master Sha in 2011.  Anyone who studies with Master Sha knows that there are no boundaries, and that anything is truly possible when we are with Master Sha. He is the true example of pure expression and limitless creation.

The true journey of the spiritual heart is that which is as much outside as it is within. I have explored and realized the limitless possibilities of my soul, though many blessings and spiritual experiences with Master Sha.

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All he has, Master Sha gives to us. Unconditionally.

For one year, I was blessed and honoured to travel with Master Sha and his team as he journeyed around the world helping people. I realised Master Sha is helping the deeply burdened souls of humanity with his greatest love and Source light. His unconditional service was so heart-opening and inspiring that in my heart I too simply wanted to serve, in whatever capacity I could.

The love, forgiveness, generosity and kindness that I have experienced with Master Sha has truly led me to realise that only true and pure love and unconditional kindness, unconditional forgiveness and compassion can truly bring upliftment to every aspect of our lives. I seek to paint with this love, kindness, care and light that Master Sha has poured into me.

Over the years that I have known Master Sha, he has gifted me with many divine blessings for painting. I have been so blessed to receive the standing of Tao Artist in 2011 and Da Tao Artist and Painter in 2012, Tao Source Soul Painter 2016 and also Heaven’s Painting Grand Master in 2016.  These treasures have helped me experience divine heaven’s artists in my work. Working with them has been a truly life-transforming and humbling experience. As I work through each soul painting, they guide me, correct me, nudge me in the right direction and help me to understand more, about soul painting and the true power that each soul carries.

 The Process of Creating a Soul Painting

The power and significance of each painting and the secrets of the soul that are revealed are beyond comprehension.

These paintings are beyond measure one of the highest forms of blessing and understanding who we truly are and what our true role and purpose is. The Soul paintings are also a documentation of the service of Master Sha, his role in the Soul Light Era. His service is reflected in each of our souls.

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The process of creating soul painting includes a one-hour meditation with each soul that wishes for a soul painting. Details of their soul and its aspects, potentials and hidden treasures are flowed during the meditation and the painting.

Heaven shows me the colors, frequency, instruments, treasures, attributes and aspects of each soul very clearly and also shows me how to depict it. Heaven tells me that each painting will have hidden messages which will be revealed to the person whom the painting belongs to, each day as they meditate with the paintings. This is truly one of the highest blessings of the Soul Light Era. Each day you will learn much more about why you are here on Mother Earth and how you can tap into your greatest talents and soul potentials. Ultimately you will accomplish your true purpose that is in your soul temple and in your Tian Ming.

Each Soul Painting is like a portal of source love, forgiveness, compassion and light and releases a great bank of wisdom. There is also great virtue released within the soul painting. As you meditate daily with the painting, you will receive the highest blessings and open up to the possibilities contained within each painting and your soul.

Those who receive these paintings may experience many miracles and a quantum leap in their power of unconditional service and acceleration of progress on their soul’s journey.

Each soul painting must be honoured in the highest possible way with its own altar to honour the saints, saints’ animals and Heaven who are serving through each painting.

Each soul painting that comes to Mother Earth is uplifting humanity.

Testimonials from People Who Have Received a Soul Painting

MDK, California, USA: I have been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can possibly remember, for the past forty-six years, meditating 4 to 6 hours a day. I have had the distinct honor to study under many ascended Masters, gurus, and Taoist priests. I have travelled across the world to seek and as a pursuit to bring more harmony to the world, and to truly end suffering.

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When I first saw Master Nina’s paintings, I recognized that to have one of these painted for me would be an invitation for evolution, a tool for transformation, the likes of which could only be painted by a true Master. My heart jumped from my chest and I knew that this was exactly what I was looking for. When I finally received my soul painting, I knew it was the next step in my journey and that the missing piece was now found. It was the inspiration I was looking for. It touched me so very profoundly; I was humbled and moved at the deepest level.

Master Nina’s insights into my soul and journey were nothing short of amazing, and I know that this painting both elevated and connected me on a deep level to my purpose here on earth. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to have received such a profound gift, one that inspires me every day. It has added tremendous value to my daily practices and meditation. Being connected to the highest version of myself has opened my heart to my family and friends in a way I didn’t know was possible.

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GF, Melbourne, Australia :  I would like to share my experience with my soul painting. It connects with me very deeply and I feel a deep truth to the painting. My will to accomplish my tasks in this lifetime runs so much deeper within me now, and the flow I received brings me to tears every time for it connects me with deep gratitude for everything that has been given to me. The love of my teacher is so clear in my heart. I thank you from my heart and soul. I love you dearly and offer you my greatest love for your future

About Master Nina

Master Nina is a Certified Master Teacher, a Tao Calligraphy Grand Master Practitioner, Tao Calligraphy Teacher and also a Tao Grand Master Soul Painter.

Master Nina is a unique spiritual teacher who helps and coaches individuals to express themselves and their souls creatively. Master Nina is uniquely gifted and was empowered by Master Sha in 2016 as Tao Grand Master Soul Painter. Master Nina paints soul paintings which are unique paintings and carry messages from each person’s soul. She has very unique abilities to read the capacities and potential for each soul and then depict them into a painting.

You could receive your own personalised Soul Painting. To request, please contact