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Helping the Youth in our Communities

Our youth are our future. They have the power to bring a fresh, new essence into our world and it’s important that they feel loved, protected and encouraged to grow and develop. We feel it is never too late to give our youth what they need to help them realize and express who they truly are.

There are several ongoing initiatives sharing Tao Practices for the benefit of our youth and children. Our first sharing has to do with how Tao Calligraphy can benefit high school students, even those who may sometimes be hard to reach. Our second sharing involves sharing Tao Calligraphy with younger children in a Montessori School.

Tao Calligraphy in High School Classrooms

In 2016, Tao Calligraphy was brought into the classroom at two schools in the Toronto area, as a creative way to help students to relax, release stress, and increase joy and confidence and more.

What is Tao Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is revered in Chinese culture and widely practiced as a way to receive universal wisdom and qi, as well as to enrich life through powerful positive messages. It is also known as one of the most relaxing yet highly disciplined exercise for one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy is a unique style of calligraphy that combines the artistic beauty of Yi Bi Zi (fully cursive script, oneness writing) with Tao light transmissions. Every Tao Calligraphy emits frequencies and vibrations that create a field of light for anyone in its presence. When people meditate, draw or trace Tao Calligraphy, they immerse themselves in this frequency and vibrational field, which can lead to experiences of Soulfulness™. Soulfulness can be described as soul awareness and nourishment, which may enrich any aspect of life.

Master Rosamund Palmer Shares What Happened in the Classrooms.

Central Tech, Toronto

Master Teacher Mabel Lee came into my 11th grade classroom of Central Tech High School in Toronto in June of 2016. This is a high needs school in which many of the students live in challenging environments and circumstances. Exams were coming up and among other things, students can become very anxious, worried and even depressed during this time. I shared with the staff that Tao Calligraphy could be good for reducing such stress.

Master Mabel was so kind, gentle and compassionate to the students. She patiently taught them how to write Da Ai (Greatest Love) in Yi Bi Zi (Oneness writing), using water paper and brushes. She encouraged a few of the students who are generally not confident, who were afraid of failing, and one who would normally not participate at all, to try writing Da Ai, and they did. It was a beautiful time and it really did help the students feel calm and peaceful. A few students even asked deep and profound questions, demonstrating great insights during the lesson.

I then spoke to the head of art who also decided that her students could benefit from a Tao Calligraphy Teacher coming into her 9th grade classroom. On this occasion, Masters Nina Mistry and Sande Zeig taught the students to write Da Ai. Master Nina shares the following about this experience:

It was very fulfilling for me. Many of these kids have had a tough time. They are vulnerable and not always feeling safe or stable. Some didn’t want to participate at all in the beginning, but sooner or later, they were all writing Da Ai, and there was a sense of peace and calm that was not there in the beginning. I felt that their hearts opened more.

The head art teacher says she would love to have the Master calligraphy teachers come in again to teach her students Tao Calligraphy.

Bloor Collegiate Institute, Toronto

Also in April of 2017, at Bloor Collegiate Institute in Toronto (High School), Master Francisco Quintero and Master Nina Mistry came to teach Tao Calligraphy to a small group of art students and art teachers. In this environment, engagement was high; there was a great deal of enthusiasm and interest in learning about Tao Calligraphy.

Master Francisco and Master Nina taught this group how to write the words “Tao” and “Tian”. Tao means Source. Tian means Heaven. They really enjoyed it. One student liked it so much that he was given a book by Master Sha and he traces calligraphy. He keeps asking for when they will come back to teach more!

The ancient art and increased power of Tao Calligraphy bring beautiful and incredible opportunities for students of all ages to be showered in the field of Tao Light. Tao Calligraphy practices can help our youth open their hearts and souls to the light of infinite possibilities. To share Tao Calligraphy in this way is a profound honor.

About Master Rosamund

Rosamund Palmer is a Certified Master Teacher, trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha. She was introduced to his Soulfulness practices in April 2009. Prior to that, her work as a high school teacher had been filled with worry, fear and anxiety for a few years. With the simple and practical techniques of Soulfulness she learned to quiet her mind and transform her anxious thoughts, worries and fears. As a teacher, she finds the tools she has learned can help her shift her classroom experience. She finds that Master Sha’s books, CDs, and Four Power Techniques® are gifts that empower her to serve her students and community much better. She is delighted to share the teachings with others and she is honored to serve

Supporting our Children with Love and Light

Children are our most precious gifts. They bring innocence, hope, and a new consciousness to the planet. It is our goal to offer love, light and empowering service and activities to children, to support them in their growth and expansion, to be the most that they can be.

Tao Calligraphy in a Montessori Summer School Program

In April of 2017, Master Calligraphy Teacher, Nadia (Nadezhda) Rose of Phoenix, Arizona offered her services as a Tao Calligraphy Teacher to local Chinese schools. A month later, a Chinese Montessori school responded and Master Nadia conducted a complimentary introductory class. Based on this, they invited her to officially teach Tao Calligraphy in their summer school program for two age groups: ages 2 up to 5 years, and 5 – 12 years old.

Master Nadia was thrilled. It was an exceptional opportunity to spread the love and light of Tao Calligraphy, especially since many of the students were already learning the traditional Chinese calligraphy, which is the basis for the Yi Bi Zi, cursive style of writing that forms Tao Calligraphy.

Tao Calligraphy is a unique art form and treasure, written in Yi Bi Zi (Oneness writing) and transmitted with Tao Light. Therefore, Tao Calligraphy serves to radiate out the light and love of Tao (Source), to all who interact with it.

Master Nadia eagerly took on the assignment which involved three, 2-hour classes a week for both groups in July and August of 2017. She decided to teach them to write Da Ai – Greatest Love.

Children 2 to 5 Years Old

Since the younger ones were too young to write Tao Calligraphy, she innovatively created coloring materials of the Tao Calligraphy Da Ai with concepts and words that represented love to the children, such as hearts and puppies. She wrote the word “love” in traditional Chinese and in Tao Calligraphy’s Yi Bi Zi style. They loved it!

She also had the children trace the Tao Calligraphy. She found that this calmed them quite a bit and helped them also to focus and properly switch gears when necessary. While these young ones were already quite well behaved, the Tao Calligraphy lessons gave them an expanded way to learn calligraphy and truly nourished and supported their happiness.

The mother of one of the younger girls said she could not believe how dedicated her daughter was to learning Yi Bi Zi. – Master Nadia

Children 5 to 12 Years Old

Master Nadia also came three times a week to teach the older students to write Da Ai in Yi Bi Zi. It took one month for them to learn to write the different parts of Da Ai and then another month to flow them together, practice and refine their calligraphy writing to be able to pass their Tao Calligraphy writing test. Yes! They all worked hard to pass at a standard of 80%! This required that they all take turns writing their calligraphy in front of the room, receiving corrections, tracing more and practicing more and writing again. They had to write their final exams on real rice paper, with brush and ink!

The students gave it their full attention. The parents and teachers were very pleased with the outcomes – seeing the children become more focused, softer and more cooperative. In fact, two siblings that did not get along at all (and often had to be separated) somehow resolved their differences through the practice of Tao Calligraphy.

The teacher, who is Chinese, was quite complimentary of the entire experience. She has often asked Master Nadia to have the students trace Tao Calligraphy more since it seemed to have a positive impact on the children, and she happily introduced Master Nadia to many of the parents.

Parents were genuinely happy that their children had the opportunity to change their mindsets about calligraphy and other things as well. – Master Nadia

About Master Nadia

Nadia (Nadezhda) Rose is a certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy, and a certified Tao Calligraphy Grand Master Practitioner and Tao Calligraphy Teacher. Her given name, Nadezhda, means “hope” in Russian. Through the years, she has helped the physically challenged find employment and worked with women and men from all walks of life as an aesthetician, clothing boutique owner and a corrective technician for scarring and birth defects. She also practiced many energetic and spiritual healing modalities along the way.

She met Master Sha in 2013 and fell in love with Tao Calligraphy. Since then, her life has been totally dedicated to the wisdom, teachings and service she can offer as an certified Soul Practitioner. She speaks fluent Russian and English and is honored to serve to help others become happier and healthier.