Tao in Action

“The purpose of life is to serve.” – Master Zhi Gang Sha

A very important part of Master Sha’s mission is to awaken people to the importance of service. As a Universal Servant, he has taught all his of his teachers and students that service is the purpose of life. Following his extraordinary example of complete devotion to helping others lead happier and healthier lives and to advance their soul journeys, our Master Teachers and students are dedicated to serving humanity and have found many ways to enhance the lives of others. Through service, we acknowledge that we are all interconnected and emerge from the same Source. When we help others, we show our gratitude for life and embody the oneness of Tao.

Tao Science:Learn about the most advanced and profound scientific and spiritual framework that answers many of the questions humanity has been asking, and more.
Soul Paintings:Soul paintings are sacred and beautiful, and can give you a unique and special connection to your true essence. Learn about Master Nina Mistry’s special gifts and how soul painting may serve you.