Tao Teachings

Welcome to Tao Miracle Healing with Dr. and Master Sha.

We are honored to help you today in finding wisdom through Tao teachings, Divine Healing Hands™ practices, and online courses and training programs through the Master Sha’s Tao Institute™.

Master Sha and his Certified Master Teachers offer many educational resources for your spiritual path. Explore the following options to learn more about Tao Healing:

  • Tao Institute: Get information on training programs and online courses at the Tao Institute as well as learning self-healing practices.
  • Divine Healing Hands: Discover how Divine Healing Hands carry the Divine’s healing power to heal and transform every aspect of life.
  • Tao Teachings Blogs: Read healing articles from Master Sha’s blog as well as from the blogs of his Certified Master Teachers.
  • Tao Teachings BlogTalkRadio: Listen to podcasts with Master Sha as well his Certified Master Teachers on four channels.
  • Open Your Spiritual Channels: Learn how to open your spiritual channels and communicate directly with your soul.