Tao Chang Love Art Healing Demonstration


Master Sha has created a thirty-minute Tao Calligraphy Healing Demonstration Session that immediately follows the Love Meditation (Mondays through Fridays). In these sessions, Master Sha selects one person who has chronic pain, chronic sickness or a life-threatening condition. (“Chronic” means a person has been suffering in the spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical bodies; relationship challenges or financial challenges for more than one year.) Master Sha uses (and sometimes creates) a Tao Calligraphy to facilitate the healing demonstration. “Tao” means the Source, the way of all life. Calligraphy is art. Tao Calligraphy is love art from the Source. Tao Calligraphy is a channel to gather Tao Source matter, energy, soul, spirit, heart and consciousness to create a greatest love light ball, which is transmitted from the Tao Calligraphy to the selected person.

Then Master Sha leads all participants to chant for the chosen demonstration person. Everyone will receive blessings from this practice.

Join Master Sha for this unique service.

Benefit from this practice.

As Master Sha says: “Tao Calligraphy is love art to transform all life.” Share this unique service. You can apply to receive the healing demonstration at drsha.com/TaoChangDemo.

When you apply for the healing demonstration, you automatically agree to share your story in return for the heart-touching demonstration and our commitment to follow up with you.

Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy Healing Sessions share Tao Source spiritual treasures, for example, a greatest love light ball for knees. Anyone can apply. Master Sha will choose one or two people a day. Everyone will receive a follow-up email.

Through these sessions, Master Sha is creating a virtual healing center to offer Tao Calligraphy healing and greatest love light balls to the chosen ones. Every other participant also receives great blessings.

Let us join hearts and souls together to experience Tao Calligraphy, which is love art to transform all life.

Let us join hearts and souls together to experience Tao Chang, which is a love field to transform all life.

Mehransh’s Healing Journey

Mehransh was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes at age 10. Master Sha offered him the Tao Zhi Liao (Healing) Blessing for his condition.

Before the blessing and healing

Mehransh takes at least 3 insulin injections per day and must prick himself many times a day to test his blood sugar. He has not been able to enjoy a normal childhood due to his condition.

Receiving the blessing and healing

From his parents: Mehransh was in New Delhi was watching the session live on Facebook when Master Sha gave the blessings. His Blood Sugar levels were 130 before the blessings and within 20 minutes of receiving the blessings his blood sugar levels dropped to around 60. He felt a lot of sensation in the message center.

Day 10

For the last 10 days Mehransh’s blood sugar levels are in range and we have decreased his Insulin by about 10 percent in totality. Fluctuations especially on the higher side (above 200) did not happen even once, whereas before his levels used to go high quite often. We are so thankful to Master Sha, Master Peter and the Research Foundation for the mission.

Dorothea’s Healing Journey

Dorothea suffers from clinical depression, anorexia and suicidal thoughts. Master Sha offered her the Greatest Love Light Ball blessings from his Tao Calligraphy healing love art. Here is some of her feedback:

Before the blessing and healing

Dorothea has suffered with these conditions for over 4 years, including that she was cutting herself with razor blades. With a lot of forgiveness practice, tracing Tao Calligraphy and more, it was getting better step by step. She was nearly able to stop hurting herself and was looking toward returning to school and learn a profession. However, a few weeks ago she grew depressed, suicidal and began cutting again. She is in the hospital now.

Receiving the blessing and healing

From Dorothea’s parents: Dorothea was so happy and peaceful and grateful after this transmission. Her voice was much stronger. She decided today to make a therapy for healing her depression and anorexia. 

1 hour after the transmission she ask me if I can bring her yogurt with fruit, the kind she loves to eat. It has been a time long since she wanted to eat yogurt. She is happy and we are also so happy and grateful.

Day 6

The permanent treasures for heart and spleen called Tao Love and Light Shen Chi Jing Field
changed the whole life of our daughter and also our lives. Before this day our daughter could not eat, sleep, relax, or smile. Everthing she ate would come very quickly out. She became thin and had a lot of pain in the whole body. She was hurting herself and had suicidal thoughts.

Now after 6 days it changed completely! She can eat much better. She is relaxed, can sleep much better, smiles like a sun, digestion is better, the colour of her skin is much better, and she is starting to make plans about school. She will learn to became a nurse and to help other people. She want to be alive and to help other people who are sick. She can now transform negative thoughts to positive thoughts. She is willing to go into therapy for healing depressiom and anorexia. We are so grateful we cannot express it in words.

Day 11

Every day for Dorothea and our family is a blessed day. Dorothea is now at home, waiting to start her therapy in the hospital. She turns on her treasures every day and holds her Da Ai book in her bed. Most of the day she smiles and is happy. She loves the food she eats and though not all is digested, more than 50% can be taken in. Her eyes are so clear, her voice is so lovely and thankful, and she makes plans for the future. She is singing and painting. Her kidney function becomes much better and she is in less pain than in the last week.

We cannot thank you enough.

Rici’s Healing Journey

Rici suffers with depression and anxiety. Master Sha offered her his Greatest Love Field Blessings for Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys, Brain and more, from his Tao Calligraphy Love Art. Here is her response:

Receiving the blessing and healing

I felt very uplifted, light and happy yesterday after receiving Master Sha’s transmissions. Also, felt like a new person – a completely new person, with many blockages being released and an alignment happening within me. 

Day After

Today, I am quite tired physically, because of integration happening. I slept well but still feeling tired and in need of more sleep. However, I still feel really good and relaxed. In situations that I would normally feel stress and anxiety, I now feel a lightness, with trust and calmness. I am grateful to Master Sha.

Day 2

I still feel good. I haven’t felt anxiety as I normally would. I feel calm, more aware of all things, and a layer of happiness is always present. I am grateful. I’m still kind of tired, but feeling emotionally wonderful and truly blessed.

Day 3

I have been going through a lot of integration and purification, so it has been emotionally turbulent, but I also find it easy to be happy now, and there is joy in me. I was not able to feel anything at one point and felt emotionally dead, but now there are bursts of happiness and joy. I have been experiencing an aching sensation around my heart chakra, at the back of my heart chakra. I feel like my heart is opening more, and I have even more clarity in understanding my own emotions, feelings, and thought patterns, which is really amazing. I’ve been having lots of amazing insights. I’ve also been quite tired, but whenever I feel tired, I humbly ask all the spiritual treasures to turn and offer me a blessing to integrate better, and be rejuvenated and energized, and then I don’t feel tired anymore. 

Day 4

As I am getting back into the motion of my usual life, challenges come up. I am noticing how much more easily I can handle these challenges – without going into a loop of negative thinking and feeling, or negative mindsets. There is more positivity in my life and within me. There is a feeling of protection from negative messages. 

Day 19

I have been feeling very strong. Even though I have been facing challenges on many fronts of my life at this point, I feel a deep calm and peace. The way I react to things has changed profoundly. I feel like a new person, and I am slowly learning to step into my new way of being. The healing has been so profound that I feel waves of healing even now, happening in layers and phases. I feel very loved, so it would seem that my heart is more able to receive love. I feel more able to give love as well. Also, I don’t feel swayed by emotion anymore, as used to be the case before. I used to feel small compared to the force of the feelings and emotions that would awaken in me due to my experience. Now, I feel very balanced, aligned, grounded, calm and at peace, most of the time. I trust more, and don’t seem to feel anxiety. It is delightful to be feeling this way and to be slowly noticing the internal changes within me. It is truly remarkable how much I seem to have changed on a fundamental level. I am extremely grateful to Master Sha.

Libbie’s Healing Journey

Libbie experiences difficulties breathing and requested help with her lungs. Master Sha offered her a Greatest Love Light Ball from his Tao Calligraphy healing love art. Here is some of her feedback:

Before the blessing and healing

I have difficulty in breathing and most times, I also have a severe cough with it. I use an inhaler at least 3 times a day. I had asthma as a child and many breathing problems throughout the years. I am now 78 and I have difficulties in breathing. I have received several blessings but there are still other layers of blockages that are affecting my breathing in daily life.

Receiving the blessing and healing

I was overwhelmed and filled with tears of gratitude and joy when I heard I had been chosen for a demonstration. During and after receiving the blessings, I first just felt enormous love from within, with tears of joy. As time passed, I felt as though whatever was blocking me from within just dropped off like a block of cement. Peace settled in, all over. I could instantly take a deep breath. What a wonderful experience! I did not fully realize how thankful we should be for each and every simple thing in our lives that we ordinarily take for granted. For your love and kindness, I say a simple thank you to show my extreme gratitude.

Day after

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best), yesterday, I was a struggling 1. Today, I’m a happy 7 and chanting with occasional coughing. Of course, I have yet to try a vigorous walk and certainly would not yet run any distance. I only stop chanting long enough to answer a question or ask one, and of course to write this note to show my gratitude. How very blessed I am! I thank you, Master Sha, and I thank all those who sent their energy and love through chanting and messages.

Day 3

Day three went quite well, with no medication and still able to see the light moving in. However, the night was a return to (from 1 to 10) 2 1/2. the couching was endless but the breathing was only slightly hampered. This morning, however, I did have a very tight chest. With a bit of difficulty getting enough air in.

All is good! I have had the return of symptoms before, after 2 or 3 days of a download, (as you described during the session on Friday), so it was not a surprise to me. I was a bit tired because my body and soul were trying to absorb all that I had taken-on, both Friday and Saturday. I spent the entire day chanting and doing my beautiful “art” assignment and tonight, I am again back to my 7 of yesterday morning. Life is wonderful and I honor and thank Tao for giving you to humanity.

As ever, I cannot express the enormous amount of gratitude that I feel for allowing the world to heal through you and your never ending kind and giving work. Not just to heal but to teach and spread the knowledge to all humans to use their abilities.

Thank You, thank You, Thank You

Day 10

I cannot begin to tell you how busy I have been, which alone should testify to my improvement. I have listened to the Love, Peace and Harmony music all the time. I keep the phone in my pocket, with the music playing. Friday, I had to walk a block and although very breathless, I made it there and back! I am now able to climb the entire flight of stairs…slowly but without stopping.

Saturday, I was not able to do my morning deep work. I simply went through the motions during the day and that night, and was obliged to use the atomizer, as I was again Sunday morning. It felt like my health took a big step backwards. Sunday was exhausting and my chanting work was limited. Again, breathing was difficult. Today is Monday and I am taking a much-needed rest.

It has been difficult to find the time to meditate but I am truly working to make the switch and so looking forward to watching my favorite program again tonight – healing with Master Sha.

Day 13

This week I have seen a great improvement in breathing.  I can actually walk a good distance without having to sit to take breath in.  If at any time I run or rush, breathing becomes difficult.  I usually chant twice a day, once in the morning and in the evening.  I also do the calligraphy tracing. The kidney blessing has not shown me a noticeable difference, but I chant for it to be as strong as possible while my main focus is the lungs.  If for some reason I miss one of the chanting sessions, I see a slight return of the difficulties, but with practice and keeping calm, my problem seems to disappear. 

Terry’s Healing Journey

Terry suffered from benign prostate hypertrophy and had trouble urinating for around 10 years. Master Sha offered him Greatest Love Light Balls for Kidney, Urinary Bladder, and Prostate from his Tao Calligraphy. Here is some of his feedback:

Before the blessing and healing

For the past four years I’ve had to sit down rather than stand to urinate. The flow is very slow, very difficult to start.

Receiving the blessing and healing

Thank you from my heart, Master Sha, for the Greatest Love Light Ball transmissions for my Benign Prostate Hypertrophy condition. I immediately felt the energy and began to vibrate so much that I looked at my hands to see if they were shaking. Afterward, I experienced cramping in my hands and the left side of my lower abdomen throughout the day. This is unusual. I also experienced discomfort in my back, below the shoulder blade, when tracing the Da Ai (Greatest Love) Tao Calligraphy card and chanting. On a scale of 1-10, this pain was at level 4 and sometimes higher.

Day after

Yesterday, I traced the Da Ai Tao Calligraphy card that Master Sha gave me in February of this year for my brain injuries in Toronto. I just awoke and will begin tracing more today, at least two hours. Last night, I did not awaken as much as usual to go to the bathroom. It still takes me several minutes to start the flow of urine, and the flow is weak and intermittent. I will chant more. My energy has stayed strong. I chanted Light Balls Heal and Transform Me while driving to run errands. I was able to lead a half-hour meditation and offer two blessings to my students. Arriving home, I felt drained and went to bed.

Day 2

Only thirty-one hours after Master Sha transmitted Greatest Love Light Balls to my kidneys, urinary bladder, and prostate gland, I went to the bathroom before teaching a class tonight. I was so surprised at my urine flow that my mind couldn’t believe it was possible. My flow was greater than it has been for over for years! I am as astonished as I am grateful. Thank you, Master Sha, from my heart!

Day 3

Dear Master Sha, this is Day 3 since I received the Tao Source Da Ai Light Balls for kidneys, urinary bladder, and prostate.  The increased flow of urine was the same as yesterday – significantly greater than in the past four years.  I still experience a slow start with the flow and my bladder does not completely empty by itself. I need to wait a minute or two for it to drain completely.

I will continue to trace and chant.  I am still in awe at the transformation I saw after 22 hours and am so grateful that this increased flow is still evident.

Day 4

Dear Master Sha, the Tao Love Light Balls that you transmitted for my kidneys, urinary bladder, and prostate are so powerful that my urine flow increased to around 40% twenty-two hours after Monday’s transmissions.

I have less difficulty starting the flow of urine. I will continue to trace and chant dedicatedly for full recovery. Since Tuesday, I have had cramps in my hands. This is unusual, but I understand it is part of my healing process.

Day 5

About six hours after receiving the additional Tao Field Kundalini transmission from you today, I was able to stand to void my bladder. I had sufficient flow and pressure such that I did not have to sit. I don’t know how long it’s been since I had this ability—more than five years, I believe.

Thank you from my heart.

Day 19

While in retreat this week, I was delighted for the opportunity to share my healing experience for my prostate problem that made it very difficult to urinate. When Master Sha surprised me with another blessing, I felt instantly changed. My ability to start and stop my urine is better; and the flow has increased. I am very, very grateful. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Harsha’s Healing Journey

Harsha has suffered from debilitating colitis off and on for 35 years. Master Sha offered her a Greatest Love Light Ball from his Tao Calligraphy healing love art. Here is some of her feedback:

Before the blessing and healing:

My condition has been manageable for the past 10 years, so I stopped taking regular medication and employed self-healing techniques. However, the condition and connected symptoms were always there and sometimes I would experience a flare up. Recently, I have osteoporosis and anemia as a result of taking steroids in the past for this condition.

Receiving the blessing and healing:

As Master Sha transmitted the blessing, I felt my abdomen getting heavier and felt like karma was being cleared. I felt a huge ball in my lower abdomen lifting all the blockages from my lower organs, especially the small intestine, where I experience discomfort. My lower abdomen feels expanded, stronger and more solid. I felt the deepest sense of inexplicable relief and the release of something I can’t describe in words. As I write this, I feel like my whole physical body is undergoing transformation. Even though I am concerned also about my bone condition, I feel today’s blessing has transformed what I was experiencing.

Day after:

Twelve hours after receiving the blessing, I am experiencing transformation and an intense opening of the heart. So powerful is the Tao Chang Greatest Love Tao Calligraphy Light Ball. Three to five hours into the blessing I was shaken by the intense frequency, but also by the lightness inside my digestive system, colon, and all over my lower abdomen. I could breathe with ease as the heaviness was being lifted away. Heavenly light enveloped my whole environment and inside my abdomen. My colon and other digestive organs used to feel numb and disconnected, but now they are ALIVE with energy moving freely. Master Sha’s teaching on the power of greatest love is integrating within me. I am flowing with Love towards others with the same intensity. I thank you all from my heart. I am grateful for the love of Master Sha.

Day 3

Since receiving the Tao Greatest Love Light Ball transmission from Master Sha three days ago, there is hardly any pain in my digestive and colonic system. Having colitis had left me drained and with many heavy negative memories, fears, anxiety, and panic over not being able to cope. Those messages felt like they were written within my digestive organs and system and everywhere. Now, I feel like many of those negative incidents and memories have been erased and I am relieved and calmer. Feeling this LOVE and great internal expansion is most powerful. I see immediate transformation with others, a lightness and openness. Some relationship challenges just melted away with the awesome frequency of the Tao Greatest Love Light Ball.

I feel reconnected to myself and continue to practice to release residual discomfort in my kidneys and urinary area, as well as mind blockages. I am so deeply grateful.

Days 4, 5, 6

Tao Chang Tao Greatest Love Light Ball is hugely transforming my organs, systems, cellular vibration, and much more. I feel more strength everywhere: in my feet, hips and spinal column, upper body, mind, head, and externally also.

Previously I would experience instant reactions to eating foods, activating a stomach problem. Food selection has been a mental challenge. The tendency is to over-focus on food, as it can activate the condition. These few days I have eaten with less guilt, more healthfully, and more consciously.

As I practice chanting, I can feel the Greatest Love Light Ball turning and connecting me to the ground, spiritually, to myself, and hence others. I can say that my colon, my small intestine, my large intestine, and whole digestive system and organs feels healed. I can function far better than before. The rash is getting smaller on my shin bone. My focus is improved and I am less distracted. I am so looking forward to seeing my future medical results connected to my endocrine system and bone scans.

Day 11

For the last 7 days there is no pain connected to my abdomen and upon touch there is no soreness around the belly area or internally in the digestive and lower organs. There is normally pain around the whole middle and lower abdomen and sensitivity to touch.

I was told that Colitis/Crohns condition would be with me all my life. In addition, I have chronic mind challenges which are less understood. This blessing is supporting all my healing. What really excites me is how the Greatest Love field is touching people. After I received the transmission, a few relationships for which I felt there was little chance of harmony have improved. Being chosen to be a demo for the Greatest Love Light Ball is awesome.

Day 14

More than 10 days into receiving the Tao Healing Art DA AI Golden Light Treasure, I am coming unstuck at supersonic speed. Being free from the pain, different blockages, unworkable life situations and soul journey challenges has enabled me to see just how much my ongoing Colitis and other conditions were affecting my life. Until now, I have been paralyzed. As a result, I suffered so much guilt, doubt, self-sabotage and more. It has been isolating not to be able speak, listen and focus, as I also have a learning challenge. This, too, has improved, but I notice a deep anger about missing a “normal life”. I will chant to transform this.

As the saying goes, miracles do happen! In less than 2 weeks, more love, harmony and communication is gradually happening in my family relationships. As I write today, 5 members of my family will join me in my next retreat. This is great transformation.

Day 28

I wonder how I can ever reciprocate for having life again? I have been sharing my healing story with others. Thank you, Master Sha!

Venier’s Healing Journey

Venier has advanced metastasized breast cancer (stage IV). Master Sha offered her a Greatest Love Light Ball from his Tao Calligraphy healing love art. Here is some of her feedback:

Before the blessing and healing:

When I was diagnosed in 2011, I was informed by statistics that I would not survive beyond 6-12 months unless I pursued conventional medical treatments. I chose to apply Master Sha’s teachings, spiritual practices and blessings, which have sustained me for the past 7 years.

For the past month my head and chest areas were very heavy. It felt like there was a thousand-pound truck sitting on my chest and there was sharp pain in my breast and underarm. It took effort to breathe and my limbs and torso were heavy. The tumor was growing and I felt fatigued at the end of the day. I had pain in my chest and kidneys and discomfort in my upper back area and digestive system. My whole body and face were swollen and there was pressure in my heart and lungs. It would often take up to 4 hours get out of the bed. I can only sleep a few hours a day without the inflammation waking me up.

Receiving the blessing and healing

Dearest beloved Master Sha, immediately after receiving the Da Ai light treasures, I could feel my entire body become lighter. I could see with my Third Eye enormous amount of light transmitted inside my body to clear heavy blockages in between the spaces of the cells, as well as in the tissues, organs and systems.

With every subsequent blessing for the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys there were more blockages leaving my body and all my organs and systems were opening up again to heal. With Master Sha’s crown chakra blessing I saw a continuous flow of light from the universe into my crown, washing my 7 soul houses and more. Within 10 minutes, I was breathing easier, my Qi was flowing, the heaviness lifted, the pain in my right ear disappeared, my kidneys felt better, my heart rate was more balanced, my eyes could see more clearly and farther, my brain had more clarity, and my heart chakra radiated a light field of love; I felt a deep stillness and expansive love for humanity.

Day after

After the blessing, I was able to sleep twice as long without interruption. I woke up with more energy and less pain, and it only took me 1 hour to move out of bed. The heaviness has dissipated, and I am less swollen and more agile. The pressure in my head, eyes, ears and chest has lifted, the qi is flowing, my heart is beating regularly, and I can move with more ease. My breast feels lighter, and both the tumor in it and my underarm are smaller. I also notice that my heart is flowing out more love and I feel more compassion, clarity, focus and connection on all levels, for my work, my service and for everyone and everything. To express my gratitude is not enough for all you do!

Day 2

Dear beloved Master Sha, I was able to get four hours of sleep for two consecutive days which is great progress considering my sleep is normally only a few hours. Without enough sleep, one’s body does not get the rest it needs to heal. 
My body continues to be less swollen and there is less pressure in my chest and lungs. I have more agility in my body movements and my concentration has improved. With deepest love and gratitude!

Eva’s Healing Journey

Eva suffered from jaw pain, sore throats and colds for years. Master Sha offered her a Greatest Love Light Ball from his Tao Calligraphy healing love art. Here is some of her feedback:

Before the blessing and healing

This morning, I felt like I was getting very sick. In the afternoon, I went to sleep. It was like I had a fever. My jaw infection is also somehow connected to sore throats and colds, which can seemingly come in a second out of nowhere. My lower jaw was swollen, painful and left a funny taste.

Receiving the blessing and healing

When the Greatest Love light ball came, I felt a wave of itchiness go through my jaw, and then my whole body became hot. The light ball had at least the size of our house. I was in tears from gratitude.

Afterward, I felt well enough to lead my weekly Love Peace Harmony group, and even started the group by offering everyone a blessing with the Greatest Love Light Ball.

My jaw feels so much better. It’s as if it’s wrapped in something warm and soft, and the pain is much less.

I am crying as I write this. I love Master Sha so much more than I can say.

Day after

During the day, the pain of the inflammation in my jaw became stronger. I felt tired and a bit sick. The pain moved up to my upper jaw, then to my ear and down my neck. I lay down and chanted “Greatest Love Light Ball” silently nonstop. Now, after resting and chanting, I feel much better. Things are moving, and I can’t thank Master Sha enough.

Day 2

You offered me a Greatest Love Light Ball for my lungs. Immediately, I felt as if my lungs got inflated and my whole chest expanded. About two hours later, the swelling in my jaw completely disappeared. When I brushed my teeth four hours later before going to sleep, everything was almost back to normal.

When I woke up this morning, my jaw was no longer swollen. I do not feel sick anymore. There is still a slight pain and swelling where the tooth was pulled. On a scale from 1-10, I would give it a 1.

My gratitude to you is beyond words. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Day 3

I can feel the blessings working in my right jaw, but the condition hasn’t changed since yesterday. My gums are still a bit swollen where the tooth was pulled, and when I touch this spot gently with my tongue, there is still pain that radiates through my jaw and ear.

My overall condition has improved a lot. After tracing last night, this morning I felt good and was ready to go out and plant trees. I cannot thank you enough for all the love you are giving us.

Day 4

Yesterday I received two major blessings from my local Master Teacher. I did not make a specific request, but I felt they were working on my throat. When I woke up this morning I sneezed and my nose was running a bit, but I did not feel sick. It feels like a healthy purification. I have less pain and swelling around the pulled tooth.

I cannot thank you enough beloved Master Sha for all your love and blessings.

Day 5

My condition has improved a lot. My gums around the pulled tooth are still a bit swollen, but I can now touch the hole where the tooth got pulled with my tongue and there’s no more pain. I had a very special experience at our local practice last night that filled my body with golden light and brought further healing and blessings. I am very grateful.

Day 6

My gums get better each day and healing is happening. There is still energy moving though both jaw bones from time to time – a tingling sensation – and blockages are cleared more and more. Overall, I have much more energy and am more grounded. Whenever I make an invocation, the light comes much faster and it is more intense.

I am so honored, grateful and happy to be a demo, and I keep chanting. I love you Master Sha.

Day 9

Dear Master Sha, when you wrote the Tao Calligraphy Chui for the beloved lady from Japan for her kidneys, a soft light entered my body. It became stronger and stronger as we traced the calligraphy. The light felt like electricity. It is the kind of light that transforms fear.

Forty-five minutes after the session finished, I still feel this light with the same intensity. There is pressure in my kidneys, energy moving in my lower abdomen, and itchiness in my right joint where my jaw bones meet (TMJ?).

I’ve had abscesses behind my ears since 2002. I’ve also had many issues related to fear, including two severe panic attacks in the last two years. This new calligraphy addresses all of them, including my right lower jaw bone. I am amazed and humbled at the amount of blessings Heaven offers me at this time.

Day 10

After the huge blessing I received during the Tao Calligraphy Healing Demo yesterday evening, I sneezed and my sinuses began to purify. I got so tired that I went to bed but I could not sleep for hours. At 1:00 am, I decided to go to my spiritual room to practice forgiveness. I chanted and fell asleep after only a few minutes. This morning, I feel a bit vulnerable and shaky, but the huge tension I’ve felt in my upper stomach since the blessing to remove with the Tao Calligraphy Chui has lessened a lot.

Day 14

It has been difficult for me the past few days, as some spiritual blockages have been triggered. I have been challenged with my diaphragm cramping more and more, until it became almost unbearable. After I began chanting Amituofo and tracing, and gratefully the cramping was reduced to about half. Then, after some massaging of my diaphragm another 40% of the tension and cramping got released (last night) and I had a good sleep. This morning I feel very emotional and trembly. I’m deeply grateful for all your love and service.

Day 15

After the huge blessings I was honored to receive from Master Sha yesterday, my whole body, my whole being was trembling to the core. Last night I slept well and can’t remember any dream, and I was awake at seven a.m. without feeling drained. I feel so much lighter. Especially my neck and shoulders. I can feel my upper back and can move more easily. It feels as if a huge burden was literally lifted off my shoulders.

Many places where I used to feel heaviness and turmoil have transformed into silence. The huge resistance has gone. It’s just ok who I am, where I am and what I am doing and I don’t have to struggle for each step I take. I can breathe more easily.

I am processing many things from the blessings. I feel very tired and a bit drained, but hopeful. And very, very grateful.

Day 17

After the constant flow of intense experiences calmed down a bit, I had the honor to receive another blessing. I asked for my lungs, or whatever was most important. After receiving this blessing, I felt a soft, warm energy all around the ring of my diaphragm moving downwards. After a while this energy transformed into a burning sensation in my whole upper stomach.

I got very tired and my legs didn’t really hold me upright anymore, so I went to bed. The next day, I was able to come to some important realizations.

Days 18 – 20

I continue to heal and have great breakthroughs during the retreats with Master Sha.

Day 22

The day before yesterday the huge energetic blockage in my upper stomach got released after a Tao Calligraphy Tracing practice. There was a sharp hot energy that felt like fire moving all through my body. This was a huge force and it took me a while to reconnect with my love and gratitude.

This morning I still feel a bit shaky, but my gratitude is back. It was a huge step in my purification as I gained more insight what this is all about. I’ve had this issue for all my life and it could never be transformed. Thank you, Master Sha.

Day 24

During the last night of the Retreat my throat began to hurt and I felt I was getting a cold. The next day on the plane, it got much worse. We arrived home this morning and I had not slept for many, many hours. After 8 hours of sleep I am back on my feet and happy to share that this cold mostly clears my sinuses and is flowing nicely.

Day 26

Overall, I’m still recovering from my cold and I feel very tired in soul, heart, mind and body. It feels as if the stress of my whole life falls off and there are more and more moments where I feel it’s ok to just be. I have become so comfortable and relaxed that I can fall asleep in public. This is a major breakthrough, as I could never sleep like this in public before.
This is all very new, and I can’t even describe in words what a huge thing this is for me and how grateful I am.

Day 27

A huge amount of my grief that I’ve been carrying all my life has transformed this morning.
I needed so much rest yesterday and felt somewhat heavy. This morning I woke up at 5 am and felt a strong energy went to the depth of my lungs and brought up a lot of mucus. The same thing happened again a few minutes later. I got up and felt so clear in my mind, so relieved. Today I am able to deal with everything I haven’t been able to deal with the last days.

Yamini’s Healing Journey

Yamini has suffered from polycystic ovarian disease for almost half her life. After receiving a Greatest Love Light Ball from my Tao Calligraphy healing love art, here is some of her feedback:

Before the blessing and healing

My polycystic ovarian disease is at its peak. I haven’t had my period for two months and I am bloating up. These are not good signs. I’m starting to get rashes again on my skin because of that and even a lot of hair loss.

Receiving the blessing and healing

Master Sha, I am so grateful. My entire body is vibrating. I felt so much heat and light. I could feel a lot of darkness leaving my body and I have already started feeling very light. I am so blessed. I feel I have received a new life. Words cannot describe what I feel. I am feeling something in my stomach and lower abdomen already. Thank you, Master Sha. Thank you, Greatest Love Light Ball.

Day after

I am beyond blessed and beyond grateful. I have received so much virtue. The blockages have been leaving my body continuously and I have been feeling lighter every minute. My body feels light and the bloating has reduced. I’m beyond grateful.

Second Day

Since the blessings, the bloating has diminished a lot and there is only slight discomfort in my abdominal area. However, after the blessing and practice, pain such as I usually experience with my menstrual period increased. I feel happy about this as I haven’t experienced this for 2 months. It feels like the reproductive system and other organs are getting cleansed. 

Also, after receiving the transmission of Greatest Love Light Ball for Skin, the rashes and eruptions on my skin have increased. I know also that this condition is getting healed.

There is constant heat in my body and I’m not feeling as cold as I usually do. I beyond grateful and extremely blessed.

Third/Fourth Days

My body has become absolutely fine. There is no more bloating. The light that is flowing through my body is unbelievable. I have pain off and on in the abdominal area and lower half of my body. There is slight discomfort there, but I’m very happy with the way my physical body is reacting. My face has a lot of rashes and eruptions lately and it’s quite itchy. The rashes and boils that I started getting on my body after the transmission have subsided. I have been practicing a lot more. I’m beyond grateful and blessed. I cannot thank you enough.

Shoko’s Healing Journey

Shoko has lung cancer. Master Sha offered her a Greatest Love Light Ball from his Tao Calligraphy healing love art. Here is some of her feedback:

Receiving the blessing and healing

It has been a privilege to be a part of your beautiful mission of healing. My mother said that her heart was so full and touched that she could not stop the tears from flowing. She felt as though time and space had stopped. She felt like the luckiest person in the world. She felt so much love and was truly grateful and honored.

Day 5

Last night when Shoko was looking at her hands, she noticed that they were whiter and younger in appearance. She also noticed that a persistent white, rough and dry spot that was on her hand had diminished. She also slept very well.

Day 6

Shoko noticed that the color of her feet is changing. They used to have a darker, muddy appearance due to poor circulation, but she noticed that they are whiter and pinker now. She tends to cough a lot during the night, but she did not cough last night. She has a lot of energy today – she is out grocery shopping now with ease.

Day 7

Shoko noticed that as she was tapping her lower abdomen today, her stomach seemed to have become softer. She said that it used to feel much harder to the touch.

Day 8

Shoko was quite touched by the documentary “Soul Masters” that she watched last night. She said that she truly felt deeply connected to all of her organs and the importance of keeping all of them healthy.

Day 9

Shoko had a difficult night last night. She had quite a bit of thick phlegm build up and she had to cough quite a bit during the night starting around midnight.

She was feeling a bit better today, but the coughing has caused her to experience quite a bit of back pain, so it was difficult for her to move.

Day 10

Shoko said that she still had a lot of this phlegm last night which caused some difficulty. However, this morning she is feeling much better and that hopefully it has cleared.

Day 11

She said that her phlegm came back last night and she had some difficulty. She was tired today.

Day 12

Unfortunately, Shoko is still not feeling so great. The phlegm that she is expelling throughout the day and night has taken a toll on her back and moving is difficult.

Day 13

Although Shoko had the phlegm situation again last night, she said that she is feeling a lot lighter today. Her back is a little better as well. She feels that she may be experiencing detox symptoms from Master Sha’s healings/blessings. Thank you.

Day 14

Shoko told me that she is feeling very strong today and that she only had one coughing/phlegm incident. Her husband has begun to read Master Sha’s book Divine Soul Songs and translated the story of how Master Sha received the Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony to her. She felt so touched and uplifted and she realizes and appreciates the value of this Soul Song so very much. Thank you.