Tao Calligraphy Field Healing Days, November 2020

Harness Unlimited Positive Energy for Greater Wellbeing Within!

Inner wellbeing is fundamental to our resilience, ability to overcome difficulties, general happiness, and more. Yet, it can be elusive without effective tools and practices, especially during periods of stress and challenge. During times like these, we may struggle to maintain our inner wellbeing or awaken to its absence in our lives.  

When our inner wellbeing has lost its footing, we may:

  • suffer from emotional flair ups
  • have difficulty expressing ourselves to others
  • feel alone or misunderstood
  • become critical of ourselves
  • over-think and prepare to “get it right/be perfect”
  • seek approval outside ourselves
  • engage in unhealthy habits and other self-defeating patterns
Events such as these signal opportunities to heal our negative self-talk and emotional imbalances and develop a core sense of wellbeing within. We have the power to heal through insight, practical steps, and transformative practices.

Experience Transformation in Your Inner Wellbeing

We are excited to share with you a unique and powerful set of tools that take transformation of negative thoughts and emotions to a whole new level.

In our free introductory sessions, we offer a framework for understanding the root cause of these unhealthy patterns, along with key steps and simple practices that tap into field of unlimited positive information and energy. You can easily learn to harness this information and energy to help transform the messages of unbalanced emotions and negative thought patterns while absorbing new, positive messages that support your highest potential.

With unlimited positive energy and key transformational practices, you can help yourself:
  • unlock your inner healing power
  • clear negative messages at the root level
  • diffuse and dissolve unbalanced emotions
  • transform painful self-talk
  • accept, appreciate, and love yourself
  • discover your self-worth
  • develop emotional clarity and confidence in challenging situations
  • feel happier and healthier

Learn more about these powerful tools to enhance inner wellbeing, self-worth, and positive emotions now.

Free Introductory Session

October 24
10:30 am -12:00 pm EST
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Join us for our 4-Day event on Inner Wellbeing in November!

Are you ready to upgrade your inner wellbeing toolkit?

These Healing Days will take transformation of emotions and our thinking process to a whole new level!

We have an amazing line up of expert teachers waiting to share their wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques along with healing meditations, special blessings and key practices that will take you on a deep healing journey to help you clear unhealthy patterns and discover your inner wellbeing.

During this 4-day event you will receive:

  • Profound healing meditations that take you on a journey of self-acceptance, appreciation, and love for who you are
  • Techniques to help you acquire mental and emotional clarity, confidence, self-worth, and more
  • Powerful tools and practical steps to help you clear the negative self-talk and emotions at the root level.
  • Wisdom and practices to awaken and expand your healing and transformation power
  • Three Golden Light treasures (transmissions) – one to boost your inner wellbeing and two to help you transform specific aspects of your mental, emotional, or physical health to support your greater wellbeing in these uncertain time

Find your own self-worth. Believe in yourself. Sign up for our special limited time offer today!