According to Master Sha’s book, Soul Mind Body Science System, every organ, system and part of your body is made of jing qi shen. Jing means matter. Qi means energy. Shen means soul, heart and mind.

Soul has many layers, which make up a complete soul system in a human being. You have a soul of the body (a body soul), which is your spirit or essence. You have a soul for each system, a soul for each organ, a soul for each cell and so on.

By focusing on the soul through meditation and other spiritual practices, you may send a new message to your soul to help you to be healthy and happy.

People who have received a Tao Health Blessing have reported feeling more calm and relaxed, less anxiety, deeper meditation and better sleep.


In traditional Chinese medicine, balancing the Five Elements of nature is a major key to well-being. When you balance the jing qi shen in your soul, you may stay healthy and happy.

In traditional Chinese medicine teachings, the internal organs, sensory organs, bodily tissues and fluids, and emotions are all connected through the Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. For example, worry is related to the Earth element. If you’re feeling troubled, then your digestive system may be out of balance, resulting in poor appetite, indigestion, diarrhea and other issues.

When you balance the Five Elements in your being, you may continue feeling vitality and wholeness.

Learn how you can follow the path of the Five Elements.


You may wish to receive a Tao Health Blessing for an overall system in your body. Or you may want to focus on a specific organ or part of the body with a Tao Health Blessing.


Body Systems

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Body System [Register Now]
Cardiovascular | Digestive | Endocrine | Immune | Integumentary | Lymphatic | Musculoskeletal | Nervous | Reproductive | Respiratory | Urinary

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Body Organs

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Cardiovascular [Register Now]
Arteries | Blood | Blood vessels | Heart | Veins

Digestive [Register Now]
Anus | Appendix | Bile ducts | Esophagus | Gallbladder | Large intestine | Liver | Mouth | Pancreas | Rectum | Salivary glands | Small intestine | Stomach

Endocrine [Register Now]
Adrenal glands | Alimentary glands | Hypothalamus | Pineal gland | Pituitary gland | Thyroid

Immune [Register Now]
Antibodies | Bone marrow | Complements | Hormones | Leukocytes | Spleen | Thymus

Integumentary [Register Now]
Breasts | Hair | Nails | Pores | Skin | Sweat glands

Lymphatic [Register Now]
Adenoids | Bone marrow | Lymph nodes | Spleen | Thymus

Musculoskeletal [Register Now]
Arms | Cartilage | Cartilaginous joint | Collar bone | Fibrous joint | Jaw | Legs | Muscles | Pelvis | Ribs | Skull | Sternum | Synovial joint | Tendons | Vertebrae

Nervous [Register Now]
Brain | Nerves | Sensory organs | Spinal cord

Reproductive [Register Now]
Clitoris | Fallopian tubes | Ovaries | Penis | Placenta | Prostate | Scrotum | Seminal vesicles | Testes | Uterus | Vagina | Vulva

Respiratory [Register Now]
Lower respiratory tract (trachea, etc.) | Lungs | Nose | Upper respiratory tract (larynx, etc.)

Urinary [Register Now]
Bladder | Kidneys | Ureter | Urethra

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Parts of the Body

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Abdomen [Register Now]
Hypochondriac region | Hypogastric region | Iliac region | Umbilical region

Back [Register Now]
Lower back | Middle back | Upper back

Head and Neck [Register Now]
Adam’s apple | Cheeks | Chin | Ears | Eyes | Forehead | Gums | Head | Jaw | Mouth | Nose | Scalp | Teeth | Throat | Tongue

Limbs [Register Now]
Ankle | Arms | Calves | Elbows | Feet | Fingers | Hands | Heels | Knees | Legs | Thighs | Toes | Wrists

Pelvis [Register Now]
Buttocks | Coccyx | Groin | Hips | Pelvic floor

Thorax [Register Now]
Breasts | Chest | Navel | Shoulders | Ribs

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