The soul has the power to heal itself.

Based on quantum science, your soul carries information and messages — both positive and negative. According to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, good karma brings rewards — including physical health and vitality, emotional calm and balance, good relationships and finances, and more. Bad karma brings lessons — pain, suffering, challenges and blockages in your life. Your soul may be carrying karma and other limiting messages that may block your experience of well-being.

According to ancient wisdom, every part of your body, from your toes to your heart to your mind, has its own soul. When you focus on the soul through meditation, you may send a new message to your being for a joyful and healthy life.

Special blessings are given remotely by Master Sha to help you to maintain your good health and well-being. Master Sha connects with the Divine, Tao and the Source to offer a blessing for one aspect of your life.



Many masters follow a path of spiritual purification, using meditation and other spiritual practices to significantly open their heart and soul to universal wisdom. Many ancient wisdom traditions believe that ascended masters and gurus may offer the highest blessings by connecting with the Divine, Tao, the Source and other universal energy. These traditions teach that universal energy may bless an individual, but it does not guarantee healing.

Master Sha connects with Divine energy to remotely bless one aspect of your life. Many traditions teach that the Divine is an unconditional universal servant, and our spiritual mother and father.