Honor Fee: $300 each
By accessing your soul, heart, mind and body intelligence, your tap into greater wisdom and intuition for making life decisions. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the heart houses the mind and soul. This teaches us that the heart is directly related to intelligence. A human being’s soul has had hundreds of lifetimes. Your soul is the greatest resource for your intelligence. You can develop your soul intelligence, wisdom and knowledge to transform your life.

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Blessing for Soul Intelligence
Blessing for Heart Intelligence
Blessing for Mind Intelligence
Blessing for Body Intelligence


Register for a Divine Blessing by Thursday 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, and Master Sha will remotely give the blessing during this week’s Sunday Divine Blessings teleconference.

Conducted by Master Sha and his Certified Master Teachers, Sunday Divine Blessings often include spontaneous teachings for all attendees. If you can, arrange to experience the teleconference in a quiet and relaxed setting, preferably lying down. If you’re not able to participate in the teleconference, you will still receive the blessing during Sunday Divine Blessings.

Sunday Divine Blessings: Weekly on Sundays at 11 am Pacific Standard Time
To participate: Dial +1- 712-432-2839 and enter pass code 88097#


You can create your own daily practice for connecting with your soul for wisdom, guidance and healing. Master Sha teaches that an important part of this soul empowering process is learning how to practice meditation, creative visualizations and chanting on a consistent basis.

Click here for resources to create a simple daily practice.