Soul Over Matter

Ancient and Modern Wisdom
and Practical Techniques to Create Unlimited Abundance

Combine ancient Eastern and modern Western wisdom, mix in proven techniques from both a CEO and a legendary soul healer, and you get Soul Over Matter. Designed for readers at every level of economic experience, this book gives you a unique and powerful path to financial abundance.

Adam Markel, bestselling author, attorney and CEO of New Peaks, North America’s largest personal and business development company, shares inspiring life lessons and strategies to create abundance. World-renowned miracle soul healer, Master Zhi Gang Sha reveals sacred and practical wisdom, including universal laws that everyone can apply to create abundance in every aspect of life: personal finances, business, relationships and more.

Destined to be the Think and Grow Rich of the 21st century, Soul Over Matter shares practical wisdom and easy-to-implement, proven techniques. In addition, Master Sha, who is a Tao master teacher of one-stroke calligraphy for transformational healing, provides two new calligraphies that carry extraordinary power to remove blockages to achieving lasting abundance. With these simple techniques, you’ll learn how to focus on your unique challenges and conquer them.

Soul Over Matter is the first financial advice book to focus on the role of soul in creating abundance. Whereas other books have hinted at the importance of connecting to universal laws to create abundance, Soul Over Matter is the first book to deliver the techniques to do so.

Discover how Soul Over Matter can change your relationship with money.

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Have you reached your financial potential?

We all want to live rich and fulfilling lives, but you may be blocked in achieving your true financial potential.

Individuals all over the world have turned to Master Sha for spiritual guidance and soul healing. Now, the master healer pairs up with Adam Markel to offer wisdom on rising to your full potential in a new area: soul wealth.

What does the soul have to do with abundance? Your soul, the essence of who you are, may carry blocks to achieving wealth. Your soul has the power to send a new message to your mind and body to activate healing in your life — dramatically improving your health, relationships, career and financial growth.

Through Soul Over Matter, you’ll quickly learn proven techniques and discover how to:

  • Understand the root cause of success and failure in having a rich and happy life.
  • Use right thinking to lead to the right results for financial and spiritual prosperity.
  • Clear blockages to business success and financial freedom.
  • Create happiness and abundance for yourself, loved ones and others through service.
  • Do simple practices to keep your abundance flowing.

With its real-world guidance to break through financial challenges, Soul Over Matter will become a cherished companion on your journey toward wealth and fulfillment.

Too often, we look outside of ourselves for paths toward abundance when the true potential lies within. When will you begin your journey?