Power of Soul Course by Master Francisco Quintero on DailyOM

In his first ever collaboration with DailyOM, Master Francisco Quintero offers a Power of Soul Course that introduces participants to soul secrets, soul wisdom and soul practices that connect people with the power of soul to help them expand, improve and transform any aspect of their lives. Participants will receive a new lesson every week for 7 weeks for an honor fee they themselves set. They will also receive the DailyOM newsletter as a gift. Topics include Soul Communication, Body Power, Mind Power, Sound Power, Soul Power, Heart Chakra/Message Center, Divine Soul Songs, Uplifting Mantras and more. Through heart-felt video meditations, you will discover how to balance your emotions, boost confidence, forgive more easily, release stress, renew the body, release mind blockages to financial success, and experience the power of soul in any aspect of life. Learn more