Love Peace Harmony for Mother Earth

Dorothea Müschenborn
Tao Healing Center Berlin
Together with a group of students from the Tao Healing Center in Berlin, Dorothea Müschenborn, has shared the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony throughout the historical city center of Berlin. Th…

“How to Live a Soulful Life” in the Sydney Scoop

Featured in Sydney Scoop Fashion and Lifestyles Master Mirva joins the Sydney Scoop as a regular contributor on spirituality. In this, her first entry, she writes: In today’s day and age, how many of us look for deeper purpose and meaning in our lives? How many of us look at what is happening around the […]

We Want Peace Concert Celebrating Refugees

Master Sha Tao Centre Toronto and its partners celebrate the extraordinary contributions, talents, resilience, and hearts of refugees from across the world.
This incredible evening concert was supported by Rabba Fine Foods and World Vision Canada. Accl…

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