A Keeper of Traditional Chinese Art

On March 18, 2017, the State Ethnic Academy of Painting and Heilongjiang Artists Association happily jointly organized a unique dual exhibition, featuring Tao Calligraphy by world-renowned Chinese Calligraphy Master Dr. and Professor Sha Zhigang and “Lan (Orchid): A KEEPER OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE ART” by famous artist Jia Chang. The opening ceremony and the exhibition were […]

Love Peace Harmony for Pets and Families

Katherine O’Shea
Kailua Beach Park, Hawaii
It was my wish to offer service to mother nature, animals and pets, and families in my community. I want to share the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony to empower others with the service and bene…

Hawaii National Guard

Rene Protcio
Honolulu, HI
When Master Ximena Gavino was in Hawaii for an extended period, she introduced me to one of the guests at our weekly events at the Center who has a son in the military. I introduced myself and what I do with veterans, and he m…

Helping Vietnam Veterans of America

Rene Protcio
Honolulu, HI
Earlier this year, my wife introduced me to a colleague who happens to be a member of Vietnam Veterans of America. We had a brief introduction and I asked if I could attend their next monthly meeting. After reviewing their mon…

Feed My Starving Children

Renee Brenteson
Phoenix, AZ
The members of the Love Peace Harmony Family in Phoenix assisted in hand-packing nutritious meals specifically designed to reverse malnutrition. The food they packed was sent to many locations around the world to serve many …

Sounds of Our Souls: Song Circle

Tatyana Iwanchuk, Z.E.S.T. Team
Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto
During the summer, the ZEST team of Zakota, Eun Ji, Steve and Tatyana created a Love Peace Harmony Group that engaged park visitors in a fluid way and encouraged them to express themselves. T…

Feeding the poor and homeless

Anjana Agarawal
Master Sha’s Tao Healing Centre in Mumbai
Anjana and her husband are devoted to serving in their community. Through their service they have learned humility and the importance of helping others that are less fortunate. They have r…

Love Peace Harmony for Mother Earth

Dorothea Müschenborn
Tao Healing Center Berlin
Together with a group of students from the Tao Healing Center in Berlin, Dorothea Müschenborn, has shared the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony throughout the historical city center of Berlin. Th…

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