Perry & Price Interview

Master Sha – “The World’s Happiest Man” Join Master Sha and Perry and Price on Hawaiian Radio, as Master Sha, “the world’s happiest man,” gives a Da Ai (Greatest Love) Tao Calligraphy singing blessing and teaching. Perry and Price vouch for these brief appearances by Master Sha, in that they will get calls from people […]

Victor Villasenor: Why Every Moment is a Miracle

He learned to read at the age of 20. Today, Victor Villasenor is the prolific bestselling author of such works as Rain of Gold. In this powerful interview with Master Sha, Villasenor discusses his ancestral connections to the Divine, the hierarchy of soul, heart, mind and body, and the revelations contained in his latest book, Revenge […]

Sister Joan Chatfield: The Institute for Religion and Social Change

In this delightful interview, engaging and energetic storyteller Sister Joan shares her lighthearted Hawaiian spiritual journey and discusses the The Ten Da: The Ten Greatest Qualities with Master Sha. Sister Joan Chatfield is the Executive Director of the Institute for Religion and Social Change. Her activities span numerous interfaith and inter-religious groups. Sister Joan taught […]

Kahu Kauila Clark: Healing and the Hawaiian Spirit

A Native Hawaiian High Priest of the Ancient Order, Kahu Kauila received profound healing from Master Sha during a dramatic presentation in Honolulu. He discusses the deeper connection between Hawaiian culture, spirit and the Tao. Kahu Kauila Clark is a native Hawaiian who is an accomplished teacher and presenter of native Hawaiian values and traditional […]

Marilyn Tam on Happiness: 6 Ways to Make You Happier

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” — Abraham Lincoln “Happy,” the very word sounds good, and well, happy. Happiness is what we wish others on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions. Yet the overall level of happiness, especially for women, has decreased in the past 40 years. […]

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