Jan 28: Master Sha Holds Calligraphy Demo on Living808, Hawaii

Master Zhi Gang Sha, doctor and master healer, held a Tao Calligraphy demonstration January 28 on KHON2 Living808, Hawaii. Tao Calligraphy is art and goes beyond art. Each Tao Calligraphy combines visible beauty and invisible transformation power to help people. For over 3,000 years Calligraphy has been a treasured art form in China With brush, […]

Jan. 24, 2020: Master Sha on KHON Morning Show.

Master Sha was live the morning of January 24th on the KHON Morning Show where he wrote a special Tao Calligraphy for the Chinese New Year – “Ji’xia’ng”. “Ji’xia’ng” means “luck, prosperity, happiness” and more. Master Sha also explains what is Tao Calligraphy and shares how he learned this healing art.

Jan 22: Master Sha Visits Kahauiki Village

In Master Sha’s first community outreach trip in Hawaii, he joined the Kahauiki Village after school program to teach Love Peace Harmony. The Kahauiki Village is a community of formerly homeless families who are building stable lives together. The children learned to sing the Love Peace Harmony Song and began learning Tao Calligraphy. The Love […]

Jan 21: Master Sha On Olelo Community Media TV

Master Sha was interviewed on The Radical Self Care Movement Show on Olelo Community Media TV, Oʻahu’s non-profit community Public, Education, and Government access provider created to empower the voice of the community. This episode is titled, “How Can One Song Change The World” and will be aired in February on Oahu.

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