Monthly Blessing

May 2020 – Blessing for Honoring Our Mothers

Each month we offer one or more special blessings for the physical and spiritual journey. Each month’s offer is a unique opportunity that is available for a limited time.

This month we are offering:

Blessing for Honoring Our Mothers

In this month when many people around the world are celebrating Mother’s Day, we remember that we can never honor and thank our mothers enough.

Our mothers gave us the gift of life and loved us before we were even born.

They gave us unconditional love and support and a foundation for our lives. Our mothers nurtured us and protected us and were selfless in their care and devotion to our well-being.

Now we can show our respect, appreciation, gratitude, and love for them and all they did for us. We can honor our mothers by protecting their dignity, meeting their needs, and helping them be as healthy and happy as they can be. When we give our time, attention, interest, and our love to our mothers, we are showing our appreciation for all that we have received. As we show our respect for our mothers through our actions and words, we acknowledge all the gifts they gave us.

It is a blessing to be able to honor our mothers and to bring them joy.

Expressing our appreciation and love from our hearts and souls shows that we are truly grateful for all the lessons and teachings our mothers gave us and for their selfless sacrifice of their own wants and needs to help us grow. Our mothers gave us the guidance to help us find our way in life and develop the values we need to live good lives, care about others, and believe in ourselves.

Open your heart to receive this Blessing to Honor our Mothers.

Registration is open through May 22, 2020 at 12pm Pacific Time. 

After completing your registration, you and/or your loved ones will receive the blessing on the following Sunday until May 24, 2020 during the Sunday Blessings teleconference. Registered recipients do not need to be present on the teleconference to receive the blessing.

Honor Fees and Registration Honor Fee:
Only CAD $70 per recipient. Regular honor fee is $300. Click here to register.
Each registration goes to one recipient. Fill out one online form for each recipient.

Soul Membership Program

Crystal Lotus Soul Membership Program members will receive an additional discount on their registrations for this blessing as a benefit of their membership.

Honor Fee: CAD $50 per recipient (Click here to log into your Soul Membership account and look for the special link to reduce the honor fee on your registrations.)