Monthly Blessing

August 2020 – Blessing for More Strength to Serve Others

Each month we offer one or more special blessings for the physical and spiritual journey. Each month’s offer is a unique opportunity that is available for a limited time.

This month we are offering:

Blessing for More Strength to Serve Others

Master Sha teaches that the purpose of life is to serve. When we serve unconditionally to help others become happier and healthier, we find meaning in our lives and connect with our true nature and the greatest qualities.

Caring for others from our hearts and souls calls for strength and resilience.

This blessing will help you understand that whatever you give has great value. If you give with love and sincerity, you are serving others beyond what you might imagine.

Helping people overcome their differences and join as one requires strength and a sincere faith in the Oneness of humanity. Have this blessing give you the strength to spread peace and harmony.

Giving unconditional forgiveness is a great service. Forgiveness can be difficult, but this blessing will help you find the strength to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, and to take action to serve to embody your sincere forgiveness.

This blessing provides strength for helping family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and people you meet in your everyday life. It can build your stamina and energy for helping people who are close by or far away, young or old.

As we serve from our hearts, we develop more strength and receive great blessings. Service is a key to happiness and well-being and to living a blessed life.

Let this blessing fill your heart and soul with the strength to fulfill your life purpose and greatest potential to serve with unconditional love.

Open your heart to receive this Blessing for More Strength to Serve Others .

Registration is open through August 28, 2020 at 12pm Pacific Time. 

After completing your registration, you and/or your loved ones will receive the blessing on the following Sunday until August 30, 2020 during the Sunday Blessings teleconference. Registered recipients do not need to be present on the teleconference to receive the blessing.

Honor Fees and Registration Honor Fee:
Only CAD $70 per recipient. Regular honor fee is $300. Click here to register.
Each registration goes to one recipient. Fill out one online form for each recipient.

Soul Membership Program

Crystal Lotus Soul Membership Program members will receive an additional discount on their registrations for this blessing as a benefit of their membership.

Honor Fee: CAD $50 per recipient (Click here to log into your Soul Membership account and look for the special link to reduce the honor fee on your registrations.)