Monthly Special

July 2019 – Blessing for Bringing Love, Peace and Harmony to One Friendship

Each month we offer one or more special blessings for the physical and spiritual journey. Each month’s offer is a unique opportunity that is available for a limited time.

This month we are offering:

Blessing for Bringing Love, Peace and Harmony to One Friendship

Friendships add an extraordinarily important and special element to all of our lives. Bringing as much love, peace, and harmony as we can to these treasured relationships helps us in every aspect of our lives.

Even with the best of friends, a disagreement or misunderstanding may cause hurt and negative feelings that might disconnect us from what brought us together. We may forget to fully show the love and caring we feel for a friend, or feel neglected by a busy friend who has less time to spend with us. What prevents us from unconditionally accepting a friend and allows something to get in the way of this special bond?  A blockage in our soul, a place where the negative message is stopping the flow of our deeper positive feelings of gratitude and appreciation. When we hang on to small differences or feel unable to forgive, or to ask for forgiveness, we are hurting others and ourselves. Love, peace and harmony can always be restored, and return the friendship to a happier place.

Do you have a friendship that could be more harmonious and joyful? Suffuse yourself with the positive message of love, peace and harmony to heal, grow, and deepen your friendship. Send this message from your soul to your friend’s soul and see what wonderful things may happen, for your soul and your friendship.

Let this blessing help awaken your feelings of compassion and and bring your focus to the core of your heart-to-heart connection. Reflect on the joyful times and the special positive qualities that brought you two into alignment. Love can always remove any blockage, beyond time and space.

Everyone is welcome to receive the blessings for Blessing for Bringing Love, Peace and Harmony to One Friendship .

Dates: Registration is open through July 25, 2019, 3pm, Eastern Time.

After completing your registration, you and/or your loved ones will receive the blessing on Sunday, July 28, 2019 during the Sunday Blessings teleconference. Registered recipients do not need to be present on the teleconference to receive the blessing.

Honor Fee: Only CAD $70 per recipient. Regular honor fee is $300. Click here to register. Each registration goes to one recipient. Fill out one online form for each recipient.

Soul Membership Program

Crystal Lotus Soul Membership Program members will receive an additional discount on their registrations for this blessing as a benefit of their membership.

Honor Fee: CAD $50 per recipient (Click here to log into your Soul Membership account and look for the special link to reduce the honor fee on your registrations.)