Love Peace Harmony Activities

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1. Please explain the structure of your LPH outreach activity: who did you reach out to, what types of LPH activities did you do, how did you promote your LPH activities, what time period did you do the LPH activity, how did people react to the LPH activity, and what were some of the outcomes of the activity? We are looking for longer term commitment activities that can have lasting effects.

2. Please share a few brief heartwarming stories about how LPH has impacted the lives of participants.

3. Please share any research or quantifiable results from the LPH activity. Did a desirable positive behavior increase after singing LPH and/or by your serving the group? Did depression, grief and anger decrease in a demonstrable way? What other results did you achieve? How can you verify the results. Please note that it has to be substantial e.g.

a. If you had two identical plots of garden and you chanted on one plot and not on the other and you measured the different yields and documented with numbers, photos and videos, that is more credible.

b. If you went to a school or nursing home and worked with the people there and the teachers/care givers can provide measured differences/statistics before and after your series of visits then it can be cited.

c. if you chanted for the ocean and you report it is cleaner, that is not verifiable. There are too many factors out of your control. It is wonderful to chant for the ocean and for peace but we can not verify by scientific measure that we have actually positively impacted the results. Please continue to do this work because it is very meaningful, not everything we do can be measured by science yet and we still can do what we know is meaningful.

4. Please share photos or links to videos from the LPH activity. Please share any flyers or promotional materials so that others can learn from your efforts.
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