Love Meditation

Dr. and Master Sha created a Love Meditation in late October 2018. He has led this on Facebook Live every weekday to serve thousands from 11:45 am–12 noon ET.

Dr. and Master Sha expected to be in the silence of his profound spiritual practice before he returns to teach the Tao 5-9 Retreat November 20. However, he received a message to create a Love Meditation to serve humanity. Humanity and Mother Earth are facing serious challenges—economic, political, health, relationships, natural disasters and more. Humanity and Mother Earth need more love. Therefore, Master Sha was guided to emerge from his silence to create a Love Meditation.

Within the first ten days, the response to this practice and field of love has been phenomenal. More than twenty thousand people have viewed the Love Meditation. The stories of healing and transformation that they have shared on Facebook are heart-touching and moving.

Here we are sharing several of these stories. We will update them frequently. Read them. Send your love to them. We are continuing to create a love field for you and humanity.

Master Sha teaches love transforms all life.

His messages are:

Embody love
Share love
Feel love
Love melts all blockages
Love transforms all life

Master Sha also sings and leads all participants to sing Heaven’s love song:

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony
Love, peace and harmony

Let us join hearts and souls together to continue to serve in this unique way in the fifteen-minute Love Mediation.

Heart-opening Love Meditation
The Love Meditation is so heart opening. I felt lot of vibration and lightness in my heart. Greatest love and gratitude.

So much love and light
Thank you for this incredible Love Blessing. I felt so much love and powerful light.

Beyond powerful and beautiful
Countless thank you, dear Master Sha for all your beyond unconditional and great love and your beyond powerful and beautiful love heart song.

5-year old slept instantly
The vibrations are so powerful, I am totally immersed into your song. I am going to listen to this heart song again and again. My 5-year-old slept instantly hearing your love song!

I’m so blessed!
I have a rare cancer affecting my endocrine system. Last month my liver enzyme count escalated to 244. A few weeks later it was higher at 537. I was worried. I joined the Love Meditation daily and when I got more blood work done after 2 weeks, my numbers went down to 150! I know this practice has been healing me. I’m so blessed!

Instant Tension Reliever
Love Meditation brings instant release of tension throughout my body. Everyone will benefit from joining the daily Love Meditation.

Oneness message
Very heart-touching. The message of oneness with Love, Peace and Harmony is so powerful. Thank you so much. Deepest love and gratitude.

So much joy and rejuvenation
My heart feels so much peace when we are singing Love, Peace and Harmony for the world. During your soul song blessing, I felt gentle waves of light radiating into my body and all my cells are vibrating with so much joy and rejuvenation.

Exquisite blessings
Oh my! That blessing was far reaching and so deep and so exquisite! Greatest gratitude, Master Sha.

Love and light
This was such a powerful blessing with so much love and light! Thank you, Master Sha for that extraordinary song from your heart.

Deep stillness of heart and mind
Wow! Today I was experiencing so very deep emotional feelings, which was not easy to cope with. Receiving this light has given me a very deep stillness in the heart and mind. It’s truly amazing.

Calm and rejuvenated
Thank you, Master Sha for your Infinite love and unconditional service. My heart is filled with greatest love and light. Feeling very calm and rejuvenated. We are so very blessed.
Major financial blessing from Love Meditation
About 2 weeks ago, my employer told me that my compensation would be reduced 25% due to budget reasons. I asked for a financial blessing in the Love Meditation. Yesterday, I was offered my previous compensation plus 30% on top of that in increased benefits. I attribute 100% of my sudden and unexpected luck to Master Sha’s Love Meditation.

Experiencing stillness for first time
Yesterday, I had a breakthrough. All thoughts disappeared for the first time. I was filled with love for myself and others. I was filled with respect for myself and others. I realized that feeling love and light for myself is very important to serve others. You have empowered humanity to heal themselves with love.

High blood pressure lowered
I enjoy the Love Meditation every day. I had high blood pressure of 198/100 the night before the Love Meditation. I had rough night. After the Love Meditation I felt so much better. I checked my blood pressure. It went down to 150/86. I was so happy and felt so much better.

Painful, stiff neck transformed
I have had a very sore neck, especially on the left side, for several weeks now. Today I have noticed major improvement that has stayed with me all day and into the evening. I am so very grateful. Thank you, Master Sha, for your love and care.

Food for the soul
Heartwarming soul food! Thank you, Master Sha!

Big love!
Dear Master Sha, your love teaching is so big. Thank you for your teaching.

Humanity sings together
It feels like the human world family is singing together…So peaceful and beautiful!

Love field has shifted my consciousness
So very grateful, Master Sha. The Love Field just filled me more and more with pure love and light. I am beyond grateful. It has shifted my consciousness. Greatest love and gratitude.

Rejuvenated and energized!
Thank you, Master Sha, for this powerful and beautiful field of love. It is so special and I am so grateful to be able to connect with this field after a busy day at work and at any time of the day! I feel so rejuvenated and energized again! Greatest love and gratitude.

Soul nourishment
Thank you, Master Sha for the soul nourishment. I needed this, so my whole body from head to toe relaxed. I am so beyond grateful. Da Gan En and Da Ai.

Deep peace and nourishment
Thank you, Master Sha for all your Greatest Love for everyone. I am extremely grateful. I felt lot of vibration and tingling sensation. I feel deep peace and nourishment in my heart and entire being.

Love Meditation has transformed my life
The Love Meditation has been transforming my life in such a short time. My Dad has a head injury and the beginning of dementia, and has been very different since I began this meditation. My symptoms from cancer have improved as well. I am happy I can serve more.

Cyst shrunk from Love Meditations
Thank you, Master Sha for your blessings. My cyst has shrunk. Thank you, Master Sha!

Glowing with so much light!
I am so deeply humbled, and it is the greatest of honors to receive these sacred blessings. The depth of your love for each of us is unfathomable. I feel my blood flowing, and my bones and bone marrow are glowing with so much light.

Unconditional love field blessings
Thank you, Master Sha for creating this Love Meditation for humanity. We are blessed to be present in this special unconditional love field.

Peace and deeper love
Thank you, Master Sha! The Love Meditation is so special. It has helped me in so many ways. My heart feels peace and deeper love after joining these daily meditations.

Instantly in balance
I could feel the frequency increasing during the soul song. I instantly feel more balanced. Thank you so much Master Sha for this live field.

Relationship improving every day
Being in this love field is just amazing. I see my relationship challenges with my son improving each day beyond my imagination. It is just by joining this field that I could see a lot more difference. I am very grateful for this service.

Painful relationship turned around 100%
I was having painful experiences in an important relationship. I have joined since you began the daily Love Meditations. In the past 2 days the interactions with this person turned around 100%. It has been replaced with kindness, love, thoughtfulness, smiles, and authenticity. It is truly a miracle.

Filled with Love and Light
Thank you for creating the Love Mediation field. When you were singing your Soul Song, my entire body was filled with so much light, love, and mild vibrations.

Beyond comprehension love!
Thank you Master Sha for your beyond comprehension love and generosity. I am feeling very calm and energetic.

Profound contribution for young ones
So profoundly grateful. Your love and teachings are making a profound contribution in young lives like my grandson, Maison, age 6. Last night he asked me for a Tao Hands blessing and requested I place the “Greatest Love” book under his pillow for his dreams that scare him sometimes.

New Perfect Job
Last week after finding out that I was to be retrenched from my job, I made a request in your Love Meditation to find new employment. I finished my job on Friday and have been offered a new perfect job today, Sunday. I am truly grateful.

So much joy!
Wow! The joy I feel is so big. Every cell in my body is lit up like a star. Thank you, Master Sha. I will share this love with all my clients, family, and community, today and every day.

Priceless change in consciousness
The Love Field just filled me more and more with love. I am beyond grateful. I realize more and more when i am not “in love” with a situation, with myself, and with someone. This is a priceless change in my consciousness. Da Gan En.

Leg cramps reduced
Dear Master Sha, the cramps in my legs have reduced to 1 now with this beautiful and powerful Love Meditation. I am able to sleep better now. So grateful to you, Master Sha. Thank you for this Love Field.

Pregnancy blessing
A few weeks ago, my neighbor told me the baby in her womb hadn’t grown for two weeks and the doctor said it will transition soon. After tracing Da Ai and listening to Love, Peace & Harmony 24/7, the baby is now growing and healthy. We cannot be grateful enough.

Sadness disappears from Love Meditation
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Master Sha. My sadness has almost disappeared. I feel detached to the outside happenings.

One-year knee pain almost gone
My pain in the knees has come down to 2 now from 10 in the last few days. I had this pain for more than a year. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Waves of love and light
I felt wave after wave of love and light flowing through almost my entire body. I have had varying stages of back pain for the past 56 years. I know this will be transformed by offering this love to others. I’m so grateful.

Sadness disappears from Love Meditation
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Master Sha. My sadness has almost disappeared. I feel detached to the outside happenings.

Worry, fear, stress transformed to love and light
I am feeling a lot of tingling and vibration. My heart is immersed with greatest love. My negative thoughts of worry, fear, and stress have transformed into Greatest Love and Light. Greatest love and gratitude to you.

Improved hearing and thyroid
A 73-year-old lady was in the Love Meditation field for the first time. The next day, she reported that she has so much more energy and joy. Her hearing has improved. She was also told that she had an overactive thyroid. It showed as normal.

Love brings hope for healing
After being in the Love Meditation, a new student shared that it is the first time that she really feels that love can heal. She feels so much lighter. Her heart is filled with gratitude and honor for this deep insight.

More Light to Mother Earth
I saw countless saints cradling the earth in their arms, like a child, as the earth gained more and more light. Soooooo beautiful!

Knee stiffness gone!
Yesterday I asked for a blessing for my knees, they work fine, but are stiff, making going up and down stairs slow. After the Love Meditation with you, I have been going up and down stairs normally without needing to hold on.

Love Meditation brings so much calm
Being from California I have been very disturbed due to the devastation. Thank you so much for this beautiful practice as it brings much needed calmness in my mind. Da Gan En, Da Ai.

Clearing many blockages
The field created is clearing so many soul blockages. Through the Love field created so many memories are releasing and melting away. I love you Master Sha, all humanity, all souls, all calligraphies.

I am in harmony
Love Meditation is opening my heart chakra. I am so peaceful now. I know miracles are going to happen in my life and I am in harmony with the events in my life, so balanced and so fulfilled. Thank you, Master Sha.

Feel newly born
As you told we should go deeper and deeper and feel the love, I almost fell asleep. When I came back, I felt like a new born. This was a big step for my self-love. I cannot thank you enough, Master Sha

Love, sweet love!
The Love Meditation is the sweet love the world needs. Each time I am in this Love Field, I feel so loved and nourished.. Isn’t that why we are all here, to serve all with love? Yes! Thank you, Master Sha for this sweet love.

Higher consciousness within minutes
Within seconds of joining Master Sha’s Love Meditation, I am stress-free. My body is weightless and I am at total peace, and for the rest of the day, I am in a loving, compassionate, and whole state. You really cannot put a price on this.

Life elevated beyond comprehension
The Love Meditation has elevated my life beyond my comprehension. I have chronic conditions that flare up daily. The pain can rise to a “10.” Since the Love Meditations, the pain level is minimal. I feel great, have lots of energy, and am very happy

Dengue fever recovery with Love Meditation
My son was having high fever and Dengue, which in most of the cases requires hospitalization for few days. With your blessings and healings he has recovered very fast with no hospitalization. Thank you so much very much, Master Sha.

Amazing transformation for three women
I am happy to share some experiences I observed during the Love Meditation. One woman had pain in her stomach and it was nearly gone. One woman had lower back pain and her pain was gone. Another young woman felt so happy and peaceful.

Deep emotional wounds transformed
The Love Meditation has transformed so many mindsets and my emotions in ways that I didn’t think were possible. I am truly grateful. The wounds that have been transformed have been very deep and now I don’t feel the same. It is truly a miracle.

Awakened and bathed by love
Thank you, Master Sha. My soul, heart, mind, and body are flooded and bathed in so much love. I have never experienced love this deep and penetrating. I felt love in ways I have not known before. I feel awakened from places I did not know were asleep.

Facial boils disappear from Love Meditation
I requested a blessing for my father. He had boils on his face every other day. He has healed without any pain or any marks left on his face. The Love, Peace and Harmony Tao Song is so powerful. The love-light field is beyond comprehension.

Peace, upliftment, and grounding replace depression
I am feeling much lighter and peaceful after today’s Love Meditation. This morning I was very down and somewhat depressed. Now I feel totally rejuvenated. I am having some health issues at this time and the meditation has grounded me and given me great peace.

Severe back pain disappears completely
The past two days’ sessions have reversed a serious back spasm. With two Love Meditation sessions, the pain is completely gone! In the past I would have had two weeks of acupuncture. I am beyond grateful and amazed at the swift recovery!

Debilitating knee pain transformed by Love Meditation
I recently fell from a high height and injured my knee. For two weeks, I could not walk on stairs or walk much. Normally this kind of injury requires 6 – 10 weeks of recovery time. I am 99% better!!! I can’t thank Master Sha enough!

Three-month-old painful injuries improved by Love Meditations
In July I had an accident involving an escalator. I had a concussion and many areas of the body suffered trauma. The right leg was very painful but after the Love Meditations the leg no longer has pain. Thank you, beloved Master Sha.

Love Meditation brings happiness and improves family relationship
Being in this Love Meditation field brings tears to my eyes and smiles on my face. My heart is filled with peace, and my relationship with my son improves further.

Old ankle pain transformed with Love Meditation
The last few days I had pain in my left ankle from an injury I had when I was a teenager. It lasted a few days and in the last Love Meditation, I asked for healing. The pain was gone right away! Thank you!

Gums healed from four sessions
Thank you, Master Sha, for this Love Meditation. After four times in this meditation, my sore gums are normal again. Thank you so much.

Enveloped in love and light
I saw every cell and DNA and RNA in my body receiving love.  I saw within my body my whole ancestral lineage receiving love. I saw myself totally enveloped in golden sparkling light. Tears flowed to experience such love. I felt so inspired to serve.