International Day of Families – May 2018

The International Day of Families is a time to honor and cherish family and to recognize the essential role family plays in all of our lives. Everyone wants their family members to be happy, healthy, and successful. By cultivating the ancient wisdom and simple but powerful practices that connect us with the Source, we can all create family environments that are full of the positive messages that we need to flourish in life.

The Tao Calligraphy cards bring the Tao frequency of the greatest qualities into your home and can enhance the feng shui by creating good energy and the harmony with the universe that leads to well-being in all aspects of life. By studying soul wisdom and learning to do soul communication, you can reach your family members on the soul level, with powerful and healing messages. Divine songs resonate in our souls with love, compassion, and forgiveness, and bring our families together as one. Living with an awareness of how to create joy in our everyday life reminds us to appreciate each day that we have this physical life with our families, and to embody the love that uplifts our hearts and souls and enhances our soul journeys.

Special Soulful Gift Offers

The International Day of Families Special Offer includes the following books, audiobooks, DVDs, CDS, and Calligraphies, all at a special 50% discount.

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Living Divine Relationships by Master Sha

Hardcover$15 $7.50Get it now! »
Having loving relationships is a key to having a happy family. When you connect with the divine and align with the universe, you open hearts and souls to more loving and deeper relationships. Communicating on a soul level will bring a special harmony to your family and help everyone balance their emotions and grow together spiritually.

Soul Wisdom by Master Sha

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Soul Wisdom provides very simple, practical solutions for many of life’s situations. Learn the essence of the teachings that are so important for the physical and soul journeys of all of your family. In Soul Wisdom, Master Sha reveals the deepest soul secrets about five practical treasures: Soul Language, Soul Song, Soul Movement, Soul Tapping, and Soul Dance. These powerful practices have great benefits for all members of the family.

Divine Joy in Everyday Life by Master Francisco Quintero

Hardcover$15 $7.50Get it now! »
The most important aspects of daily life is centered in our families. We often become preoccupied with the everyday practical concerns of life and forget to focus on the love and gratitude we feel for our family members. When we connect with the divine, we awaken to the great joys we can experience every single day and experience the preciousness of everyday life. The wisdom in this book reminds us to cherish every day we have with our loved ones and to find joy in the many treasures of everyday life.


The Source Ling Guang Soul Healing Cards (Set of 9 cards)

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Apply these beautiful Source Ling Guang Calligraphy cards to connect with the higher frequency and vibration of Tao, the Source of all life. By meditating with and tracing these cards, you can bring the pure shen qi jing (soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter) of the Source into your own shen qi jing and create a family environment filled with the positive messages of the Greatest Qualities of love, forgiveness, gratitude, and more. With these calligraphies placed in your home, you bring the benefits of feng shui to your family, with better health, greater happiness, and more success for everyone you love.


Tao Song & Tao Music of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion & Light

Audio CD$20 $10Get it now! »
Tao Song and Tao Music of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, and Light bring the unique vibration and frequency of music to transform us from within. Experiencing Tao Song and Tao Music as a family is a way to amplify your soul communication and to bring you into connection with the Tao Source. This is a unique and wonderful way to unite the souls of your family and align with Tao.

Soul Songs for Healing and Balancing Emotions

Audio CD$20 $10Get it now! »
Every family member at some time needs to heal and balance their emotions. Song has a powerful way of opening our hearts and souls and helps to overcome overwhelming and challenging emotions. To maintain a happy family, soul songs are a beautiful and enjoyable way to bring peace and harmony to everyone’s heart, to connect with the divine and Tao and to find the balance that helps everyone flourish in life.


The Power of Soul

2-Disc Set, Region 1$20 $10Get it now! »
In these dynamic programs hosted by radio talk show personality, Donna Voll, Master Sha presents the essence of his New York Times bestselling book, The Power of Soul: The Way to Nourish, Bless and Enlighten All Life. These teachings carry essential and universal messages that will help every family maintain health and well-being, create more harmonious relationships, and find more happiness and success in life.