New Podcast: Interact with Master Sha in an exciting new way

Learn ancient wisdom and sacred power techniques for life transformation with a new Podcast.

Humanity and Mother Earth are facing huge challenges. At this critical time, Master Sha is dedicated to bringing more love, peace, and harmony to the world and to helping humanity become healthier and happier. Master Sha will now be sharing ancient wisdom and simple but powerful techniques on new platforms, starting with a new Podcast, that will enable people to experience his teachings at any time.

Being able to meditate, sing, and chant with Master Sha on demand helps you to create a positive field with a high frequency and vibration for life transformation at any time. This will help you develop and strengthen positive messages of love, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, and much more to remove blockages and to elevate and align your soul, heart, mind, and body. With a regular practice, you can discover your true self and reach your greatest potential.

Everyone is welcome to join Master Sha to enjoy his teaching, wisdom, practices, and blessings on these new platforms. The more often you tune in to practice, the greater the benefits you will receive for every aspect of life, including health and well-being, relationships, finances, and more.

Master Sha’s message is: You have the power to heal and transform your life. Together, we have the power to heal and transform the world.

The New Podcast with Master Sha

Experience Life Transformation with Dr. and Master Sha
A New Episode Every Monday

As of May 27th, the first two podcast shows are available.

Start Listening and
Begin Your Transformation

In each episode of this podcast, Master Sha takes listeners step-by-step through practices that can transform every aspect of life. Listeners will develop the power of self-healing and learn how to apply ancient wisdom to flourish in current times.

Series One

  • Podcast 1 – Meet Dr. & Master Sha, the man on a mission to heal the World
  • Podcasts 2 – 6 – 5 Elements – How to Apply Six Sacred Tao Techniques to the Five Elements, the basic elements of all life:
    • Metal Element – Boost your body’s natural defense mechanism
    • Wood Element – Strengthen and increase your immunity
    • Fire Element – Release today’s anxiety and find calm with Dr. & Master Sha
    • Water Element – Transform fear and strengthen your soul, heart, and mind
    • Earth Element – Overcome worry and experience inner peace
  • Podcast 7 – Meditate in the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field to experience inner joy & peace

Start Listening and
Begin Your Transformation


Sing, chant, and meditate with Master Sha to transform your life

With Alexa’s voice activation, all you have to do is say the name Master Sha, and you can instantly join him to sing sacred songs, chant powerful mantras, and also participate in a guided meditation.

  • Ask Master Sha for a daily blessing
    Join Master Sha for uplifting blessing songs to (1) increase immunity, (2) boost energy and (3) transform fear. The positive messages in these songs from the heart and soul can help everyone become healthier and happier. 
  • Listen to mantras
    Mantras are sacred vibrational healing sounds that create a flow of energy. As you chant these high-frequency positive messages, you become what you chant. This simple but powerful practice can have enormous benefits for your life and resonate with the world.
  • Have a guided meditation led by Master Sha
    Let Master Sha take you on a soul journey with a special form of meditation that brings the power of positive messages within to heal and transform. Master Sha’s message is: Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow.
  • Sing along with the Love, Peace and Harmony Divine song
    Singing the Love, Peace and Harmony song unites and serves humanity with heart-touching benefits for healing, rejuvenation, and life transformation. It carries the high frequency of love, forgiveness, compassion, and light that melts blockages, boosts energy and vitality, fosters harmony in relationships, and transforms every aspect of life