Forgiveness Fridays

With Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Cynthia Deveraux & David Lusch
11 am ET • Every Friday • On and


“Everything has yin and yang aspects. Lack of forgiveness results in more pain and suffering but unconditional love and forgiveness create positivity, including inner joy, inner peace, order, connection, harmony, and opportunities for more love to come into our lives.”
Greatest Forgiveness: Bring More Peace and Joy into Your Life with Unconditional Forgiveness by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, with Master Cynthia Deveraux and Master David Lusch


Everyone is welcome to join Master Sha, Cynthia Deveraux and David Lusch each Friday at 11 am ET for a transformational forgiveness practice each week. Free yourself of pain and suffering and open your heart and soul to the life-changing benefits of Greatest Forgiveness.

Everyone faces challenges in life that can cause pain, hurt, and loss and make it hard to forgive. Everyone also makes mistakes in life that they regret and may experience shame and guilt. The important question is how to cope with these situations so they do not cause people to cut themselves off from love, compassion, and success in all aspects of life. Forgiveness is essential for true happiness.

Spiritual traditions recommending forgiveness as a key to living well are supported by major scientific studies that have provided the evidence that a lack of forgiveness is harmful for physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. Practicing forgiveness can lead to improvements in blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, and immunity and lifts depression. The importance and benefits of forgiveness for soul, heart, mind, and body cannot be underestimated.

To support you in cultivating forgiveness, each Friday Certified Master Teacher David Lusch will share the wisdom and teachings on unconditional forgiveness and lead a simple but powerful practice that each participant can do to cultivate forgiveness. Receiving the support of a Master Teacher and joining others in the practice will amplify everyone’s efforts in creating a field of forgiveness to help nurture others and to spread the healing benefits of unconditional forgiveness.

Join Every Friday • 11 am ET • On and

Cynthia Deveraux is a Certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy and Master Sha’s only lineage holder. As one of Master Sha’s authority teachers, Master Cynthia has traveled the world alongside Master Sha for eleven years, offering powerful healing and compassionate guidance to thousands.

Master Cynthia has always had a deep spiritual connection to the Divine. From the age of three, Master Cynthia was guided by the message that there needs to be a deep awakening and opening of our hearts and souls in order for Earth and humanity to survive.

For twelve years before meeting Master Sha, Master Cynthia pursued an intense daily meditation and forgiveness practice. Her personal experience with sincere forgiveness helps anyone in Master Cynthia’s presence experience a feeling of deep peace and healing.

Devoted to helping humanity live in love, peace, and harmony, Master Cynthia is completely aligned with Master Sha’s teachings of ancient and modern wisdom and spiritual practices.

David Lusch is a Certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy. He has assisted in the training of thousands of Tao Hands Practitioners, Soul Teachers, Soul Communicators, and Master Teachers worldwide.

As one of seven authority Tao Teachers to spread Master Sha’s highest teaching and wisdom, Master David offers secret and sacred wisdom, practices, and healing blessings.

When he met Master Sha in 2004, Master David had suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) for most of his life. Searching for self-healing techniques, he dedicatedly learned Master Sha’s system, received healing blessings, and practiced daily. Within one year of meeting Master Sha, Master David was completely healed of OCD and worked with his psychiatrist to halt all medication, which he had expected to take for the rest of his life.

As the author of How I Healed My Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Master David shares his soul healing experience to inspire and give hope to others who are suffering from “incurable” conditions. He is a co-author of Greatest Forgiveness: Bring Joy and Peace to Your Life with the Power of Unconditional Forgiveness.