Align Soul, Heart and Mind with Master Lynda

Jan 13 - Jan 14
10:00 am - 5:00 pm (GMT -5:00)

Saint Paul University
223 Main Street, Guigues Hall, Room 105
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1C4, CA

Honor Fee: Honour fee: $65 for one day; $95 for both days
Information: Lynda Chaplin
647 654 7711

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You can attend one, or both days:
Saturday, January 13, 10 am–5 pm
Sunday, January 14, 10 am–5 pm

You can pre-register using PayPal or with your credit card. If you do not have a PayPal account, simply click the button “Pay with a credit or Visa debit card.” 

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Aligning your soul, heart, and mind is essential to living a happy and healthy life. While physical alignment will support your body, aligning your mind with your heart and soul is key. How can you tell when your mind, heart and soul are not in alignment? You will feel it as resistance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or energetically.

Resistance is the gap between what your mind thinks and what your heart and soul knows. The bigger the gap, means the more out of alignment your mind is with your heart and soul, the more resistance there is. Resistance can show up as sabotaging behaviour like procrastination, non-action, laziness, or restlessness. It can show up emotionally or mentally as irritability, frustration, boredom, doubt, fear, stress, confusion, uncertainty, and more. When resistance shows up you can feel stuck, held back, or the Universe puts up roadblocks by closing doors on you.

The practice of aligning soul, heart and mind can help you to cope with the experiences in your life and enable the impact of stress and challenges to be less significant. Identifying the energetic and emotional root cause can help you release blockages and then restore the natural flow of life energy so that deep healing and transformation can occur.

Learn how to use Soul Power, chanting, meditation, movement practices, and other tools to bring alignment to heal your body, balance your emotions, calm your mind, relieve stress, transform relationships, and more.