Tao Science Tao Chang for Healing, Rejuvenation and Enlightenment Retreat in Hawaii

Mar 20 - Mar 26
9:00 am - 7:00 pm (GMT -10:00)

The Modern Hotel
1775 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, US

Honor Fee: In Person: USD $350; Webcast: CAD $435
Additional Information: Venue phone: 888-970-4161

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In Person    Webcast

Due to popular demand, we have expanded the capacity in the retreat hall to include 30 more in-person seats that are available as of today, March 19.

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Important and Helpful Information

Tao Science unites science and spirituality and offers the secrets of creation and the highest wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. The understanding of creation helps us to heal, rejuvenate, and manifest our true nature. It can help everyone to overcome suffering and rise to higher levels of consciousness. Through this knowledge and practicing in the Tao Chang, we can integrate soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter to overcome sickness and promote well-being and flourishing in life.

The power of ancient wisdom and practices has now been recognized by modern scientific research. Tao Science has melded the knowledge of quantum physics with spirituality, giving us a much more complete understanding of life. This new science of healing explains how the unique power of Tao wisdom and practices and the Tao Chang can create brain changes that allow our consciousness to transform our hearts, minds, and bodies. This is a unique way to change information, energy, and matter within us from negative to positive to support healing.

Scientific research has now provided evidence that a high percentage of people with various illnesses and injuries, both physical and psychological, have benefited from Tao healing. These studies have been presented at conferences worldwide and published in numerous professional journals, and Tao healing has been officially adopted by the Veteran’s Administration as an effective healing modality. Through the unification of soul and spirituality with science, we have the keys to well-being.

Learning and applying Tao healing will enlighten soul, heart, mind, and body and enhance the evolution of humanity.

Some of the benefits and teachings offered at this unique retreat will include:

  • How to apply the key teachings and Grand Unification Formula of Tao Science to cultivate healing and rejuvenation, and an awareness of the interconnectedness of everyone and everything
  • Sacred practices to resonate with the high frequency of the vibrational field of the Tao Chang for reducing stress, overcoming illness and trauma, building resilience, and achieving emotional and physical balance
  • Understanding the relationship between soul, heart, mind, and body and how to apply this knowledge to become unstuck and increase your power to create the reality you seek
  • How to transform negative mindsets and information to positive mindsets and information to create brain changes that can support healing and relieve anger, sadness, worry, anxiety and depression, clearing your path to reaching Enlightenment
  • How to use creative visualization, sound power, and Tao Calligraphy to increase the healing and rejuvenating energy in your vibrational field
  • How to achieve meditative states of stillness, quiet, and relaxation to open your heart to healing and to reaching Enlightenment
  • Special blessings for your spiritual journey

We welcome you to join us!