Tao Science: Fulfill Your Soul’s Destiny through Tao Jing Classic

Apr 27 - Apr 29
10:00 am - 8:00 pm (GMT -8:00)

Hotel Blu
177 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC, CA

Honor Fee: In Person or Webcast: $180 CAD; early registration: $126 CAD until Apr 6
Information: Sara Baker
Additional Information: Includes ONE Guest invitation for a new participant to attend in person for Free!

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For the first time, Dr and Master Rulin Xiu, quantum physicist, string theorist, co-author of Tao Science will reveal the deep and profound wisdom of the Tao Jing Classic through Tao Science to help you fulfill or even change your soul’s destiny.

The Tao Jing Classic explains what is Tao and how to reach Tao, but its deep and profound wisdom has alluded many. Through Tao Science, Dr Rulin Xiu will explain the meaning behind the words enabling you to truly comprehend the Tao wisdom and to go deeper into states of transformation within the Tao.

The application of both spiritual and scientific wisdom to understand the Tao Jing Classic is in itself a unique and powerful approach. During this first-ever event, the Tao Science Committee will release to Mother Earth powerful techniques, blessings, meditations and more to help you experience and embody the Tao wisdom and embody the Tao.

Join Dr and Master Rulin Xiu, Master Ximena Gavino, and Master Thai-Siew Liang for a life-transforming experience of Tao wisdom and Tao states to help you more quickly fulfill your highest life destiny!

This is a 3-Day Tao 1 & 2 Retreat and meets one of the requirements for attending the Tao 5-9 Retreats with Dr and Master Sha in November 2018.