Tao Science of Extraordinary Abilities – Toronto

Feb 09 - Feb 11
10:00 am - 7:00 pm (GMT -5:00)

Master Sha Tao Centre • Toronto
1160 Ellesmere Road
Toronto, Ontario M1P 2X4, CA

Honor Fee: In Person or Webcast: $120 CAD
Information: Nillen Wong

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In Person


Everything in the world can be explained by Tao Science. To understand Tao Science is to understand the universal laws and principles of how every aspect of life is shaped and formed. It is the missing bond that will meld spirituality and science together as one.

In this powerful retreat, Dr and Master Rulin Xiu will share how extraordinary abilities can be explained and are possible with Tao Science. She will share her insights and lead powerful practices to help transform the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to help gain extraordinary abilities.

Master Francisco Quintero will share his wisdom and knowledge as the leading Tao Abilities authority teacher for the Tao Academy. Tao abilities are extraordinary abilities. He will lead everyone through a practice to gain extraordinary abilities using a special Tao Abilities Tao Chang (Source Field) in the Toronto Centre. He will also be sharing how you can participate in Master Sha’s Tao Abilities Training Program.

Participants will also experience the chanting power of Master Allan Chuck as he leads everyone through chanting of sacred mantras that help to connect to the higher dimensions and gather the universal energies needed to gain extraordinary abilities.

This is a sacred, collaborative event of three top teachers of Master Sha, offering the wisdom, knowledge and practice for gaining extraordinary abilities.

Note: This event is a pre-requisite for all new students interested in joining Master Sha’s Tao Abilities Training Program.