Tao Science: Secrets to Creation and Manifestation

Feb 22 - Feb 24

Master Sha Tao Center • Honolulu
885 Queen Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 , US

Honor Fee: Intro Evening: Free; Workshop $125
Information: Sareh Matutino

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Intro Evening: Feb 22, 6:30 – 8:30pm HST
Tao Science: Secrets to Creation and Manifestation: Feb 23-24, 10am – 6pm HST

Recent breakthroughs in quantum physics and Grand Unification Theory have brought deeper insight into the manifestation power within everyone. The pioneering work in Grand Unification Theory of quantum physicist Dr. Rulin Xiu brings science and spirituality together in a new way. It explains how our lives are created and how we can create the lives we want.

During this insightful and powerful workshop, Dr Rulin will share:

• What is the manifestation power within yourself?

• How to unleash your manifestation power.

• How to manifest anything and uplift your life to a higher level of existence with greater power, joy, love, abundance, purpose and meaning in your life.

• Experience and learn powerful breakthrough techniques to help you release the internal hidden blockages that prevent you from manifesting a life you want.