The Happiness Secrets
Sydney – Brisbane – Melbourne

Jan 11 - Jan 13

Soulfulness Centre • Sydney
242 Pacific Hwy, Crow's Nest
Sydney, NSW 2065, AU

Honor Fee: $180 in person ($125 until Dec 21); $125 webcast
0421 529 519

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Fri Jan 11, 7pm – 9:30pm
Sat Jan 12, 10am – 7pm
Sun Jan 13, 10am – 7pm

To register to attend this workshop with Master Christine and Master Carol in Brisbane or Master Anne and Master Trevor in Melbourne please contact them locally on the details at the bottom of this page.

How do you define happiness? What does it look or feel like? Is it loving relationships, a holiday, job satisfaction, achievements, physical health, time spent with your pet, your morning coffee or a place you love spending time in?

Is Happiness “an inside job”? or is it in the physical, tangible or practical aspects of your life?

What is in the way you feeling truly happy? What do you need so as to feel happy?

Why not make a focus for 2019 to be happy anyhow? Why not work on focusing on the “right things” so as to create happiness, alignment and contentment in and for your life?

Bring closure and completion to 2018 and all those things that may have gone unnoticed or even by choice to the background of your mind, however, might have an effect on the new start.

Concurrently, discover the the highest of intentions by digging deeper into your heart and soul for discovering “the real” Happiness Secrets. Its the hidden “stuff” that drives us (both positive and negative) until it’s brought to the light of day.

This 3-day workshop will re-connect you to timeless ancient wisdom that has mostly been forgotten in our modern day lives. There are 7 secrets on how to ”plug into” the wisdom, intelligence and guidance of your True Self and accomplish deeper and fulfilling happiness.

What this workshop will offer:
– Actionable empowerment for making positive choices and changes
– Practical techniques to align with success and joy
– Sacred connection through Soul Communication with Heaven
– Deeper understanding and knowledge about the Way of all life (Universal Laws & Principles of Life)
– Healing love and laughter to open the heart
– A loving spiritual community
– Additional spiritual blessings tailored to your needs will be available for accelerated transformation .

The Happiness Secrets will be led by 7 Certified Master Teachers of the Tao Academy, across 3 cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane or via webcast.

Be Happy. Be Bright. Embody SoulfulConnectedness in 2019!


To register to attend in person in Brisbane contact:
Venue – Womenspace, 11 Second Ave Sandgate, Queensland 4017
Bus and train terminal: 341 meters, 4 minutes walking. Car Parking available on street.

Please note this venue is open to all genders even though it is a called Womenspace.

To register to attend in person in Melbourne contact:
Best Western Tudor, BoxHill (For Sat and Sun)