Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Healing Days – Experience Transformation In Your Inner Wellbeing

Nov 05 - Nov 08

Honor Fee: $400 CAD regular; $300 CAD special
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$400 CAD regular; $300 CAD special
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Unlock Your Healing Power and Uplift Your Inner Wellbeing!

Our thoughts and emotions are deeply intertwined and have a profound impact on our inner wellbeing, yet many of us fall blind to it until it materialises more dramatically in our lives.

Negative self-talk and thought patterns can escalate the emotional body into deeper states of imbalance, and visa-versa, but the relationship between our thoughts and feelings can be directly and powerfully managed to result in more positive thoughts and emotions through key insights and transformational practices. This results in greater inner wellbeing and positive shifts in our lives.

November Tao Healing Days will take you on a deep healing journey to help clear the negative messages, patterns and programs in your thoughts and emotions, on the root cause level. Through Tao Healing Meditations, Tao Light Transmissions, and simple practices that tap into a unique positive information and energy field, we will take the transformation of your emotions and thinking to a whole new level!

Teachers and Expert Guests

In addition to our lead Certified Master Teachers, Francisco Quintero, David Lusch and Cecilia Liu, we have an amazing line up of expert teachers waiting to share practical techniques with you for how to diffuse and dissolve difficult situations, unbalanced emotions, and painful self-talk.

With key insights and deep healing meditations, practices, and blessings, you can begin to find self-acceptance, appreciation, and love for who you are and how you show up in this life.

On a collective level, these 4 days have the potential to create a big shift. Uniting with many around the world, we will be empowered by key wisdom teachings and unique and powerful transformational tools. Together we will practice in a powerful healing field. Indeed, empowerment is the key pathway for these Healing Days.

During this special event you will receive:

  • Profound healing meditations that take you on a journey of love and transformation
  • Powerful tools and practical techniques to help you clear the negative self-talk and emotions at the root level.
  • Practices that help you find mental and emotional clarity, confidence, self-worth, inner peace and more
  • Wisdom and practices to awaken and expand your healing and transformation power
  • Three Golden Light treasures (transmissions) – one to boost your inner wellbeing and two to help you transform specific aspects of your mental, emotional, or physical health in order to help you maintain greater wellbeing in these uncertain time

Emotional healing on the deepest level here. Transformation of mind power is key.

Gain your confidence. Reach mental and emotional clarity, even in challenging situations. Find your own self-worth. Believe in yourself!