Tao Calligraphy & Tao Chang Discovery Retreat – Honolulu

Jan 26 - Jan 28
10:00 am - 8:00 pm (GMT -10:00)

Doubletree by Hilton Alana Hotel
1956 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, US

Honor Fee: In Person: $100 USD with one guest pass; Webcast: $70 CAD
Information: Sareh Matutino

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With Master Cecilia Liu

For thousands of years calligraphy has been an inspiration for contemplation and more. Chinese calligraphy has been regarded as the highest visual art and sacred spiritual practice in Chinese culture.

Tao (Source) Calligraphy is revolutionary. It is art and goes beyond art. Sacred phrases are written in a meditative state through the sacred power of Oneness writing. Therefore, to meditate, trace or practice with Tao Calligraphy is to align with the principle of Oneness, which can bring us into balance in our lives. Tao Calligraphy connects with the Tao frequencies of love, forgiveness, compassion and more, and carries a transmission of Tao Light.

Tao Chang means Source Field. Tao Chang is created by a circle of Tao Calligraphies, which brings forth the Tao Source presence and creates a Tao Source Field. To meditate and practice with Tao Calligraphy in a Tao Chang (Source Field) takes the contemplative, spiritual practice of calligraphy to a whole new level. Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang carry great transformational power for all life – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. They are the golden keys to new creation.

This retreat will lead you into a journey of discovery through the unknown secrets and empowerment of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang. You will learn about and practice this revolutionary art, which can empower you to harmonize your soul, heart, mind and body as one, and ultimately discover your true purpose and true self.

Master Cecilia Liu learned Tao Calligraphy from Master Sha, who in 2016, was recognized and appointed to the position of Shu Fa Jia (National Chinese Calligrapher Master) as well as Yan Jiu Yuan (Honorable Researcher Professor), the highest title a calligrapher can receive, by Guo Jia Min Zu Hua Yuan (State Ethnic Academy of Painting) in China. In March of 2017, Master Sha was honored to have an Exhibition of Tao Calligraphy in the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in his homeland of China, in a dual exhibit with famous artist Jia Chang. In December of 2017, his Tao Calligraphy was exhibited at the 10-day festival entitled, “Living with Meaning and Dying with Nobility” in Bangkok, Thailand, along with the One-Stroke Calligraphies of Venerable Mae Chee Sansanee Sthirasuta.

Master Cecilia was Master Sha’s first traveling Tao Calligraphy and with her contribution, she was recently appointed as the Grand Master Teacher of Tao Calligraphy. With great wisdom and inspiration, she ignites the desire for many to learn Tao Calligraphy and advance on their journey. With her service and devotion, she opens the gate for many worldwide to find their true purpose and true self. She is delighted to return to Hawaii now with greater empowerment and enlightenment to share.