Tao Retreat with Master Zhi Gang Sha – Year 5 – 9

Nov 20 - Nov 25
10:00 am - 10:00 pm (GMT -5:00)

Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites
175 Wynford Drive
Toronto, ON M3C 1J3, CA

Honor Fee: In Person: $500 CAD
Information: Customer Service
Additional Information: Only single rooms with one King bed remain available at the Venue Hotel. To inquire, call 1-877-474-6835 and say that this is for TAO (the special rates are available when the word “TAO” is given)

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Please note: Registrations have closed for this event.

Tao is The Source. Tao is The Way of All Life. Tao is The Universal Principles and Laws that Govern All Life.

Everyone and everything comes from Tao. Everyone can tap into the infinite power and wisdom of Tao by observing and following the Tao, to awaken and align with its qualities – qualities such as unconditional love and forgiveness. These qualities of Tao can be most easily observed in nature. The sun, for example, shines for everyone and everything. The tree provides shade for the king and the beggar alike. Tao is unconditional in its service.

To live in alignment with Tao is to discover and develop our true nature, releasing the blockages to our greatest life and most unconditional service. When we discover who we truly are and live in accordance with our true nature, we are flowing with Tao and receiving its blessings. In these circumstances, our health, relationships, finances, intelligence, soul journey and more, flourish.

The Tao Retreats

In the past eight years, Master Sha has been offering Tao Retreats to train students to recognize, appreciate and embody the Tao; to receive nourishment and blessings from the Tao, and to release attachments and impurities that block the flow of Tao in their lives.

As students learn and practice the Tao wisdom and techniques, they may experience a deep connection to Source. The techniques can help them maintain good energy, stamina, vitality, immunity and practice embodying the qualities of their higher selves, being more loving, forgiving and compassionate, for example. Thus, students may find themselves coming into greater alignment with their true nature.

Master Sha offers a pathway for us to align with the Tao and find our true nature. This supports us to develop and maintain  greater health, vitality, well-being, flourishing, longevity and more. As we align with Tao, we align with our true selves, living in authentic service to humanity, Mother Earth and all souls.

Tao 5 – 9

This retreat includes the most sacred and most profound Tao teaching that Master Zhi Gang Sha has offered yet.

It is only offered on site and in person. It is not available by webcast or teleconference.

One must attend the Tao 1 – IV Retreats as a prerequisite to this retreat, which are offered on location and via webcast prior to this retreat.

In Tao 5 – 9 participants will study, experience and receive:

  • The key Tao Teachings (for example, Tao Normal Creation and Tao Reverse Creation)
  • Sacred Dong Gong (moving) and Jing Gong (quiet) longevity and immortality practices
  • Sacred practices to nourish your energy, stamina, vitality and immunity
  • Sacred practices of healing and rejuvenation for  your good health, inner youth, beauty and longevity
  • Sacred practices that help you align with your true nature and flourishing in any aspect of life
  • Sacred practices to support the innate purity of your soul, heart, mind and body
  • Guidance on how to further your practice of Tao in your daily life
  • The opportunity to receive powerful Special Blessings for your spiritual journey

We welcome everyone to prepare and to join with Master Sha for this very special retreat.