Tao Chang Retreat for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Transformation of Relationships and Finances

Dec 06 - Dec 11
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT -5:00)

Aga Khan Museum
77 Wynford Dr.
North York, ON M3C 1K1, CA

Honor Fee: $500 CAD
+1 888-339-6815 ext 100

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Dates: December 6–8 & 10–11, 2018
10 am – 12 noon and 3:00 – 6:00 pm EST

Available in German, Dutch and French via teleconference

Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.
Tao Calligraphy is the love art that transforms all life.
Tao Chang is the love field that transforms all life.
—Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

During these challenging times, people are seeking methods to help them achieve greater health, happier relationships, improved finances, rejuvenation, longevity, and more.

Tao Chang and Tao Calligraphy are the newest, most powerful spiritual healing tools developed by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha, that enable people to make greater progress in every aspect of their physical and spiritual lives.

How does Tao Chang Work?

Everyone and everything is made of Shen Qi Jing. Shen is information, and includes soul, heart, and mind. Qi means energy. Jing means matter. All sicknesses and challenges in relationships, finances, or any aspect of life are due to blockages in Shen Qi Jing.

Tao Chang means “Source Field”. Tao Chang is created by Tao Calligraphy. Tao Calligraphies are sacred, positive messages written in Oneness writing. When Master Sha writes Tao Calligraphy, Tao Shen Qi Jing flows into the calligraphy.

Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang radiate Tao’s essence and Shen Qi Jing. This forms a nourishing and healing Field of Love. In this field, we can absorb the Shen Qi Jing of Tao Love and other positive messages. This can transform our Shen Qi Jing. Research on Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang demonstrates that this helps us to heal.

This Retreat

All participants of this special retreat will be brought into a powerful Tao Chang created by Master Sha’s most advanced Tao Calligraphies. Within this Field of Love, each participant will receive a minimum of eleven special Tao Chang Blessings. All participants will be taught how to apply the wisdom of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang to help them move forward in the areas they chose to receive blessings, to create happier, healthier lives.

Tao Chang Blessings Included
All participants will receive at least 11 of the highest blessings offered to date by Master Sha from the Tao Chang – a treasure called “Tao Shen Qi Jing Field”. In this profound gesture of generosity, the following are included as part of your registration:

  • One Tao Shen Qi Jing Field for each of the 5 key Energy Centers (Lower Dan Tian, Kundalini, Message Center/Heart Chakra, Zu Qiao and Third Eye)
  • One Tao Shen Qi Jing Field for 5 individual requests for the physical body (for an organ, system, body part, or condition)
  • One Tao Shen Qi Jing Field for a relationship of your choice.

Tao Shen Qi Jing Field Transmission
When Master Sha transmits this treasure, a field of Tao Shen Qi Jing, which is information, energy and matter that carry Tao frequency, quality and purity, is downloaded to the area. Our own Shen Qi Jing (information, energy and matter) in these areas is far from this frequency and purity. This permanent Tao Shen Qi Jing field can be invoked and with practice, can transform the messages of our Shen Qi Jing. This is soul healing. In Master Sha’s teaching, this is the key to complete healing. Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow. Change the information – the energy and matter will follow.

Significance of the Five Key Energy Centers
That Master Sha is transmitting these treasures to participants’ 5 Key Energy Centers is a tremendous and rare blessing. He always emphasizes the importance of these energy centers for a healthy, happy life. Here is the essence of their significance:

  • Lower Dan Tian – inside the lower abdomen, it is the warehouse for energy, stamina, vitality and immunity.
  • Snow Mountain/Kundalini – inside and just above the tailbone area, it nourishes the kidneys, spinal column, brain and third eye and contributes to longevity and open spiritual channels.
  • Message Center/Heart Chakra (Middle Dan Tian) – behind the sternum, in the middle of the chest, it is the key center for healing and life transformation, love, forgiveness, and compassion, communication with the Divine, and much more.
  • Zu Qiao –inside the forehead between the eyebrows, it is responsible for mind power – clarity and processing ability of the mind.
  • Third Eye (Upper Dan Tian) – in the middle of the brain, where the pineal gland is, it is responsible for one’s spiritual vision, to be able to see spiritual images.

Having this transmission for your 5 Key Energy Centers is a huge blessing of support for your physical and spiritual journey.

All participants will also receive:

  • Five hours of teaching, practice, and blessing per day, from 10:00 am–12 noon and 3:00–6:00 pm. Master Sha and his top certified teachers and healers will alternate leading practices that will include Tao Song, Tao Calligraphy, Tao Chang and more.
  • Teaching on how to turn on these highest Tao Shen Qi Jing Fields to heal, rejuvenate, and prolong your life as well as to transform your relationships and finances.
  • Master Sha’s personal highest Kong (emptiness) silent healing for fifteen minutes every day. What is Master Sha’s Kong healing power? A beloved one was in a car accident. X-rays showed a C7 fracture. She lost feeling in her arms and legs for about ten days. Master Sha offered her his 15-minute Kong silent healing one time. Her feeling instantly returned, and she recovered very quickly. While Master Sha cannot guarantee a healing result, he will give his total love to each of you.

In short, attending this retreat is an exceptional opportunity for anyone who wants help to move through or beyond one or more of their current life challenges.

It is the very first retreat of its kind.

Grab the opportunity. Join this special retreat. Let Master Sha and his top teachers and healers serve your healing, rejuvenation, prolonging of life, and transformation of your relationships and finances, as well as enlightening your soul, heart, mind, and body further.