Tao I – IV Retreat: Journey to the Highest Achievement with Master Maya Mackie and Master David Lusch

Jul 06 - Jul 09
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT +1:00 hour)

Love Peace Harmony Center Belgium
Italiëlei 48
Antwerpen, BE

Honor Fee: In Person: 180 Euros (early registration thru June 15, 125 Euros); Webcast: $150 CAD
Information: Master Irene Poole
+ 32 (0) 491 98 31 81

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Beyond mind over matter, enter the universe of soul over matter.

Tao is The Way.
Tao is The Source.
Tao is the universal principles and laws.

There’s a Universal Way for being successful in everything, including healthy living, unconditional love and service to others, and practicing forgiveness to clear spiritual debt. When you align with and follow the universal laws and principles, you can discover how everything in your life flourishes. You can create the sacred Tao connection to reach your highest potential and achievement.

Learn how to apply Tao wisdom secrets and practices for graceful aging, loving relationships, vibrant health and total well-being. In this profound workshop, come experience:

  • What is the Tao, the power and significance of Tao, and how applying Tao sacred wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques blesses every aspect of life
  • How aligning with the universal laws and principles can bring balance and harmony to your life
  • How aligning your soul, heart, mind and body can maintain health and total well-being
  • How to create and develop the sacred Tao connection through the Jin Dan (Golden Light Ball)
  • How to move your spiritual journey to fulfill your highest potential and reach your highest achievement
  • How to use Tao love, forgiveness, compassion and light to bless any aspect of your life, including your health, relationships, intelligence, finance, business and more
  • Sacred special blessings and a Tao Compassion transmission

You will also have additional opportunities for special services for your life and soul journey.

Step into the Tao at this sacred event and bless your life and soul journey.