Soulfulness: How to Offer Services from the Heart

Feb 17 - Feb 19
10:00 am - 10:00 pm (GMT -5:00)

Master Sha’s Tao Healing Centre Toronto
1160 Ellesmere Road
Toronto, Ontario M1P 2X4, CA

Honor Fee: CAD -In Person $180; Webcast $150
Information: Nillen Wong

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Over the last 20 years, Master Sha has traveled the world, sharing precious ancient wisdom and practical techniques to reconnect the human being with the soul. As the creator of Soul Mind Body Medicine®, a system for optimum happiness and health Master Sha teaches the Five Power Techniques® and how Soul Power can help you to experience soulfulness.

Soulfulness can be achieved by focusing on the soul, nourishing it through ancient wisdom and practical techniques. The soul state of soulfulness is a step beyond mindfulness, which is a state achieved by focusing on the present moment through meditation and other training.

Soulfulness: How to Offer Services from the Heart was inspired by the deep need felt by many around the world searching for the meaning of life. If you feel the need to understand your life purpose, and how you can help others to continue to remain happier and healthier this is a workshop for you. The Soulfulness: How to Offer Services from the Heart workshop is designed to help you go deeper into your heart and soul and find out what your highest potential is to serve your family, friends, and all loved ones. To help you develop your service to your community and all humanity.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  1. How to Develop Purity with the Ten Das and How to reach out for help – Master Francisco
  2. Soulfulness for Finance – Master Allan
  3. How to handle challenging situations while teaching or during consults – Master Laure & Master Francisco
  4. How to Open a New Market for Soulfulness and spread Master Sha’s teachings – Master Laure
  5. How to speak about what we do – Master Laure
  6. How to Introduce Tao Calligraphy to the public & the power and significance of Tao Calligraphy and how to trace – Master Nina
  7. How to conduct a private consultation – Master Sher
  8. How to continue to serve when you are unwell or in challenging situations- Master Venier
  9. How to be involved in our communities – Master Venier
  10. Setting up your Soulfulness Practice – Master Alexandre
  11. Soulful Marketing via Social Media – Master Firuzan
  12. Putting into Action when you return home – Master Firuzan

Prerequisite: Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer
To register, please contact Nillen Wong at or 416-609-2777.