Soul Mind Body Alignment

Nov 09 - Nov 11

Master Sha Tao Center • Honolulu
885 Queen Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 , US

Honor Fee: in person: USD $130 - New; USD $65 - Returning / webcast: CAD $165 - New; CAD $83 - Returning
Information: Sareh Matutino

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Discover your soul’s infinite wisdom, knowledge and power.

Soul Power moves beyond the mind to help you embrace a more powerful and fulfilling way to live. Soul Mind Body Alignment is a pathway for connecting to and discovering the true power of your own soul and your true life purpose.

• Learn the soul secrets to creating success in your relationships, finance, business, health and more.
• Enhance your well being with the Soul Mind Body Medicine System.
• Learn the sacred code to release your own soul communication power.
• As a practitioner of alternative modalities, add powerful ways to offer special blessings to others, in person, groups or remotely.
• Become the best that you can be, and truly serve others to experience optimal health, happiness and success.

Whether you are new or experienced, come and discover the power of soul mind body alignment and the true sacred connection!