Opening Your Spiritual Channels Intensive Retreat

May 26 - May 29
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Co Creation Centre
83-85 Chandos Street, St Leonards
Sydney, NSW 2065, AU

Honor Fee: $200 early registration until May 11th, then $250

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The Soul World is vast. The Divine, Tao, saints, buddhas, ascended masters, angels, your beloved ancestors and countless souls inhabit it. Your own soul resides inside your body in the physical world, but it also lives in the Soul World at the same time.

To open your spiritual channels is to open your connection to the Soul World. You open your connection to your own beloved soul, which is your essence, your best friend and guide, your true leader and boss.

Why Open Your Spiritual Channels?

Open your spiritual channels to receive guidance from your own beloved soul. Open your spiritual channels to be a better parent, spouse, partner, friend, teacher or healer. When you open your spiritual channels, you access wisdom and guidance to become your best self.

Your soul has great wisdom, knowledge and experience of hundreds or thousands of lifetimes and from your spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven. Your soul has great love and care for you because your physical journey deeply affects your soul’s journey. Your own beloved soul is your best friend and one of your best guides.

Discover the power and significance of your 4 spiritual channels with Master Carol, Master Mirva, Master Trevor, Master Robyn and Master Christine as well as top guest teachers from Europe and Hawaii. Certified Master Teachers and Certified Master Teachers of Master Sha.

May 26 – 29 • In Person • Via Webcast. 10am – 10pm (29 May till 6pm)

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