Open Spiritual Channels Workshop

Jan 13
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT -10:00)

Master Sha Tao Center • Honolulu
885 Queen Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 , US

Honor Fee: $90
Information: Sareh Matutino

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It is said that we all have open spiritual channels that allow us to connect with a higher source of information and guidance. It is our human blockages that prevent us from receiving the messages that will allow us to guide our lives accordingly. During this special advanced workshop, each participant will: see below

Whether you are brand new or an advanced practitioner, this workshop will allow you to open your channels or open them further to receive a higher level of guidance that could change your whole perspective in life for the new year. Register today!

  • Learn the power and significance of being able to connect to higher levels of guidance to steer our physical lives
  • Receive wisdom on practical techniques to further open our channels further.
  • Offered ways to take your levels of practice whether new or advanced to new heights of awareness and consciousness
  • Have the opportunity to receive blessings and services to transform any blockages that are preventing you from achieving success in opening your spiritual channels.