A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Retreat

May 21 - May 23

Ostend Sea Palace (Hippodroom)
Koningin Astridlaan 10
Oostende, BE

Honor Fee: In Person €214; Webcast $300 CAD
Information: Master Irene Pool
+31 6 22 41 40 63
Additional Information: Minimum age to attend event is 18 years

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In person or Webcast

In person or Webcast We speak your language. The event will be available in the following languages:

The A Mi Tuo Fo Retreat will be an extraordinary experience of deep awakening to the incredible love and enlightenment of A Mi Tuo Fo, one of the extraordinary servants and Buddhas in the history of humanity and the soul world. Millions have chanted the mantra Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo to purify their heart and soul to embody the heart and soul of the Buddha.

What you chant is what you become
To chant a Buddha is to be a Buddha.

This is an advanced spiritual retreat for those wishing to:

  • Learn about the wisdom of A Mi Tuo Fo and the A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage
  • Practice ancient and new techniques to  for health, relationships, finances, business and  the spiritual journey
  • Purify and awaken the innate wisdom of your heart and soul further
  • Experience the love, compassion and blessings of Master Sha, A Mi Tuo Fo and the entire A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage

This is only the second time Master Sha has ever offered an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Retreat. It will be sacred, special and historical.

Who is A Mi Tuo Fo?

A Mi Tuo Fo, in Chinese, is the Buddha of boundless infinite light. In Sanskrit, A Mi To Fuo is Amitabha Buddha. In Japanese, he is Amida; in Korean, he is Amita; in Vietnamese, he is A-di-da. In Tibetan mantras, he is Amideva.

According to ancient teaching, A Mi Tuo Fo existed in ancient times, long before recorded history, possibly in other worlds. A Mi Tuo Fo was an emperor that gave up his position and power to become a monk.

As taken from parts of Master Sha’s Tao Song Tao Dance book, pp. 69-70:

A Mi Tuo Fo was an emperor in ancient times, before this “turn” of Mother Earth. A Mi Tuo Fo’s time on Mother Earth was billions of years ago. While he was an emperor, he found his spiritual father. He gave up his emperor’s position and went on a spiritual journey. He made forty-eight vows and created a realm in Heaven where there is no fighting, no ego, and no attachment. This place is named the Pure Land. A Mi Tuo Fo has gather millions and millions of buddhas and bodhisattvas in the Pure Land. Millions of Buddhist practitioners and students in history have chanted Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo.

A Mi Tuo Fo pledged to help all beings on the path to awakening in his forty-eight vows. The eighteenth vow is considered by many to be his most important vow, where calling or chanting Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo’s name ten times or more will allow a transitioning soul to go to the Pure Land. The nineteenth vow promises that A Mi Tuo Fo and other buddhas and bodhisattvas will appear before those who call upon him at the moment of death.

Many people associate A Mi Tuo Fuo with Buddhism. However, A Mi Tuo Fo is an unconditional universal servant of comprehensive love, compassion and enlightenment for all humanity and all souls of all realms. A Mi Tuo Fo serves for the enlightenment of all beings.

Become an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder

Imagine the opportunity to become an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder and to be eternally connected to A Mi Tuo Fo and the pure land in a sacred, profound and rare way!

Master Sha is deeply honored to be a Lineage Holder of A Mi Tuo Fo. This is not a traditional Buddhist lineage. This lineage is directly from A Mi Tuo Fo and the pure land through Master Sha. Master Sha will create A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holders around the world to spread love, peace and harmony.

Master Sha is offering a sacred A Mi Tuo Fo blessing power to all Lineage Holders This is an opportunity very rarely offered in the history of humanity.  To receive the appointment and the permanent blessing power is to become an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder. To become an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder is to become a better servant for humanity. This is an incredible honor. We are blessed. Humanity is blessed.

The Role of an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder

To become an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder is one of the greatest honors one can receive in their entire lifetime. A Mi Tuo Fo, the A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage, and countless buddhas and saints of all realms will bless, support and guide each Lineage Holder’s life and soul journey. They will offer one spiritual protection and increase one’s soul power exponentially.

In turn, the A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder makes a spiritual  vow to serve the Divine, Tao, and A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Mission to create love, peace and harmony and to spread the A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage. The Lineage Holder commits to actively offer love, care and compassion, and to daily purify one’s thoughts, speech and actions in order to be a better servant for humanity. An A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder is empowered to offer A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage sacred blessings to nourish and support the highest potential in one’s life, including for one’s health, relationships, finances, business, intelligence, soul journey and more. A Lineage Holder is the physical representation of the Pure Land on Mother Earth and is able to bring love peace harmony to those in his or her physical presence.

How do I apply to be an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder?

At this time, only Guan Yin Lineage Holders can apply. This means one has participated in the Divine Healing Hands Training Program and the Guan Yin Lineage Holder Training Program. All participants of the Guan Yin Lineage Retreat, May 16 – 20 will receive an email from CustomerService@drsha.com to register for the A Mi Tou Fo Lineage Retreat.

Becoming an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder

  • Chant the Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo mantra like Master Sha’s CD Na Mo A Mi Tou Fo
  • Pass the spiritual assessment through spiritual guidance
  • Make a spiritual agreement and  vow to serve and spread the A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Mission
  • Fulfill registration requirements

Register for the training program – to receive the A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage transmission requires a separate honoring fee.

Become a Divine Healing Hands Practitioner