Open Spiritual Channels Practicum, Messages of the Heart

Jul 18
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Honor Fee: Webcast: CAD $20/session -- CAD $80/5 sessions -- CAD $150/10 sessions
Information: Monique Giard

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Join the Open Spiritual Channels Practicum to develop your soul communication fluency, accuracy and depth. The more you practice soul communication the more widely your channels will open, the more pure your heart and soul will become, the more virtue you will receive, the more you will be able to serve others!

Master Teachers of Tao Academy will help you to open your Soul Language Channel more fully and create a strong foundation for opening the other spiritual channels: Direct Soul Communication, Third Eye, and Direct Knowing Channels.

Opening your spiritual channels gives you almost unlimited possibilities of receiving communication for transformation in all aspects of our lives, and in serving others to live happy and healthy lives.

Practice! Practice! Practice!