Modern Age Sage Series “Greatest Light Field”

Apr 19

Soulfulness Centre • Sydney
242 Pacific Hwy, Crow's Nest
Sydney, NSW 2065, AU

0421 529 519

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Modern Age Sage Series brings you the ultimate Light Bliss Out Experience

The ancient Sage is:

  • detached, yet compassionate
  • is a perfectionist, yet indifferent to success or failure
  • does not strive, yet achieves
  • knows the answers, but prefers to remain silent
  • has the innocence of a child, but incredible inner strength. The Sage Series offers you accessible & practical application of ancient sacred wisdom and power to create profound contentment, fulfillment and happiness in your life. Be free. Be happy and joyous.

4-5.30pm: Love Field Yoga – $30
Limited numbers and in-person only
The ultimate bliss experience of this beautiful yoga session. Everything is amplified in this most potent Love Field. Source frequency will help you to take your yoga session much deeper than regular yoga session. This is an extremely high frequency session. Have an intention for yourself for this session. What do you want to aim at? Release. Flexibility of mind and body. Expansion and Opening. or more?
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6-7.30pm: Healing frequencies of the sacred mantras for every part of the body (and every aspect of life) – $30
In person & webcast
Chanting session for the 7 Soul Houses, which cover every aspect of life. This is a cleansing practice. This is a clearing practice. This is also a calming, soothing and balancing practice. Sacred Tao Mantras carry deeply healing frequencies that change the cellular vibration and restores energy levels very quickly. Tao Mantras will bring stillness of the mind easily. Tao Mantras practice help to relax the heart and let go of emotions, so you can experience inner peace.
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8-8.45pm: Moving Meditation for total body detox – $15
In person & webcast
Learn and practice Tao Calligraphy Tai Chi. This moving meditation is extremely gentle moving practice that suits all ages and promotes energy flow. It release stagnant energy in every part of the body. People feel much more alert, energised and rejuvenated after a session.
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9-10pm: Love Field Sound Healing session for nourishing and relaxing the body – $65
In person & webcast
In this Love Field Sound Healing session, you can receive healing for:

  • balancing and harmonising the nervous system
  • aligning the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies
  • releasing persistent mental patterns, creating clarity, focus and vision
  • deep inner peace of heart and mind, deeply nurturing and nourishing the physical body
  • overwhelm with all that is going on in your life
  • feeling flat, uninspired and lack of lustre or otherwise feeling stuck
  • spiritual crisis
  • going through major life transitions and need support for trusting the way forward and the future
  • feeling out of touch with yourself and your purpose
  • feeling depressed, anxious or worried or going through grief

These profoundly deep and extremely fine and subtle frequencies can create lasting change, as well as complete resetting of particular intentions. Participants will be given an opportunity to set intentions and requests for the session for healing. The session will commence with gentle and kind relaxation and preparation and will end with gradual return to the current space and sharing your insights and experiences. The setting is gentle, loving and compassionate for everyone’s individual experience and journey.
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