Greatest Love: Love Peace Harmony World Family Day

Apr 02
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT +1:00) Central Europe Time Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

Love Peace Harmony Center Belgium
Italiëlei 48
Antwerpen, BE

Honor Fee: In Person €15; Webcast $20CAD
+ 32 (0) 491 98 31 81

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Master Maya and the European Master Teachers welcome you and your loved ones live from Belgium to celebrate our Love Peace Harmony World Family Day together.

You are each within our hearts.

So many hold the deep desire to serve humanity and mother earth with the greatest love.
So many wish to be empowered to alleviate the suffering of humanity.
So many hold the deepest compassion to bring happiness and peace.

This gathering is dedicated to anyone who wants to be empowered to offer greatest service.

In Master Sha’s teachings, Da Fu Wu, which means the Greatest Service, is the Purpose of Life.

In Joining hearts and souls together, we can become part of the LPH movement to create a world where Love Peace and Harmony dwells within every home, every family, every organization, for humanity, nature, animals and Mother Earth.

Through meditation, song and music, let us together create the highest vision for humanity and mother earth.

You will learn and be empowered to serve more through the teachings and blessings.

Join us for the first ever event of its kind.

Love you, Love you, Love you.
Thank you, Thank you Thank you.
With love and gratitude,

Master Maya and European Master Teachers