Love Peace Harmony Concert with Master Maya – Sydney

Jul 17
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (GMT +10:00)

Rydges Hotel
54 McLaren Street
North Sydney, AU

Honor Fee: In Person: $25 AUD; Webcast $25 CAD
Information: Customer Service

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Join Master Maya and many others for a joyful and magical time of love, joy and blessings, and to participate in a global community to bring about a Universal Love, Peace, Harmony and Oneness. There will be singing and dancing of Divine, Tao and Source Songs, which bring the high frequencies of Divine and Tao Qualities (virtues such as love, forgiveness, compassion and more) into the hearts and souls of those who enjoy the concert!

The certified Tao Song Singers and Dancers have been trained and blessed by Master Sha with special blessings that carry very high frequencies. When they sing and dance, the vibration and frequency is high. You can ask for blessings. These blessings can help you maintain your health, relationships, happiness, abundance and more. These blessings can bring great light into your soul, heart, mind and body.

The first Divine Soul Song Master Sha ever received was the Sacred Song of Love Peace and Harmony. The frequency and vibration of this heart-touching and beautiful Source Mantra can truly inspire and uplift the hearts and souls of humanity, Mother Earth and all souls.

The proceeds from this event will support the Oneness Celebration for World Peace (Zin-Uru) in Sydney on Sept. 17. There will be a collaboration of musicians, artists, local charitable organizations and communities world-wide who support the Love Peace Harmony foundation. We will gather as one. At this point in time, the following two Australian charities will benefit:

With great love, Master Maya invites you to join this and the September concert for uplifting music, song and dance, inspiring messages and powerful blessings, and to be a part of the global community that chants and spreads Love Peace Harmony and Oneness across Mother Earth and all universes.