Introduction to Tao Calligraphy and Healing Evening

Mar 18
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The Sebel Sydney Chatswood
37 Victor St. Chatswood
Sydney, NSW, AU

Honor Fee: Love Offering

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In person or Webcast

Do you suffer from a chronic condition? Are you often tired or stressed? Do you want to relieve your suffering and pain? Do you want to be happier and healthier?

Hundreds of people worldwide have experienced and shared their healing stories with Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy. Join us in this powerful introduction to Tao Calligraphy and healing session where you can create your own healing story that changes your life. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your thinking.
Experience the power of Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy for yourself and learn sacred healing practices to heal and transform your life. You have a choice to be stuck where you are now or take the opportunity to join us as we guide you to change and relieve your suffering.

“I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world” – Master Sha
Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy is infused with sacred Divine, Tao and Source power, which activates love, forgiveness, compassion and light for healing depression, anxiety, anger and other emotions as well as for relieving chronic pain, boosting energy, improving relationships and more.

Master Carol is currently the only lineage holder of Master Sha’s Yi Bi Zi Tao Calligraphy. She was given the highest level of Tao Calligraphy healing power under Master Sha. She is honoured to teach this sacred healing art to empower everyone to create self-healing and offer healing services to relieve chronic pain and suffering for individuals in order to serve humanity.

• Learn what is Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy
• Experience the power of Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy
• Receive powerful blessings to heal and transform any aspect of your own life
• Learn how you can heal and transform yourself and others for any aspect of your life

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