Intro to The Seer & The Sage: Sacred & Practical Power and Use of the Spiritual Eye in Modern Day Living

Jun 14
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm (GMT +10:00)

Master Sha Tao Centre • Sydney
242 Pacific Hwy, Crow's Nest
Sydney, NSW 2065, AU

Honor Fee: Free
0421 529519

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Free Introductory Evening: Friday 14 June, 7 – 9pm
Main Workshop: Sat 15 June & Sun 16 June, 10am – 7pm

Obtain soul secrets and wisdom for opening your channel to see spiritual images to receive guidance for the edge, added depth and insight on how to navigate your work, career, business, finances, relationships and more in the current era.

Every person has equal opportunity to have the empowerment, access, joy and insights from the soul world being expressed through spiritual images.

In this experiential workshop you will learn soul secrets, wisdom, and practical techniques to open or more fully open the Third Eye Channel. It is one of the most important spiritual channels that allows you to see spiritual images in the Soul World.  

Benefits of Developing one’s “Sage Abilities” through the Spiritual (Third) Eye in this workshop are:

  • Creating a new deeper heart awakening
  • Generating foundational basis for solid ability to open your spiritual eye, without side effects or depletion of energy
  • Learning how to interpret images and their meaning
  • Gaining breakthrough techniques for transforming work, business and relationship situations and challenges
  • Accessing deep inner wisdom and experience from the saints and soul world
  • Gain clarity, purpose, direction and more for the daily life, seemingly mundane aspects of live as well as the bigger picture
  • Understand the benefits of Direct Knowing Channel
  • Increasing the accuracy of your spiritual channels
  • The ability to clear many blockages in one your spiritual channels by the Love Field present during the workshop
  • Advanced meditations for opening of your Third Eye Channel
  • Opportunity to receive Tao Blessings for opening all spiritual channels in an accelerated way.