Healing & Life Transformation Session

Jun 28
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm (GMT -8:00 Pacific Time)

Honor Fee: $99

One of the most generous opportunities to receive powerful healing blessings for any aspect of your life. All registered Participants will receive Two (2) light ball transmissions (value $150) that carry the positive life and health transforming frequencies of your request. You will receive these during the session and we will practice together as a group to maximize the benefits. Your request could be for:

  • Organs, (heart, brain, thyroid, etc…)
  • Emotions (anger, anxiety, fear, worry, depression, grief),
  • Parts of body, (I.e. neck, hips, spine, etc..)

Higher level Tao blessings for specific conditions are available. If you wish you may choose to schedule Private Consultations Here.