Experience Soulfulness for Soul Mind & Body – Evening

Jan 16
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (GMT +10:00)

Burwood Neighbourhood House
1 Church Street, Burwood
Melbourne, Victoria 3125, AU

Honor Fee: $10
Information: Nivedita

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Regular practice of Soulfulness™, which is the soul state beyond mindfulness, enables us to align our soul, heart, mind and body with higher frequency and vibration to express our fullest soul potential. Soulfulness™ brings soul awareness, nourishment, and enrichment for every aspect of life including health, relationships, business, finances, children, intelligence & more.

Join Certified Master Teachers to learn ancient wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques, sacred teachings & mantras, tracing and writing Tao calligraphy, and body movement meditations, to experience this Soulfulness™ and enrich every aspect your life. Nourish your beloved soul with love and light from the Source bringing greater love, light and happiness to your life and soul journey.

"If you want to know how sweet the pear is – taste it" – Master Sha

Experience :

  • How singing Love Peace & Harmony can create change for ourselves and the world.
  • Why the Four Power Techniques® and Soul Power helps you to experience Soulfulness™
  • Practice Soul Mind Body wisdom, techniques and meditation practices
  • Why the 10 Tao qualities (10 DA’s) could assist you to feel happier &healthier in daily life.
  • The power of Tao Soul Light Calligraphy to remain happy and healthy.
  • The joy that Soul Song, Soul Dance and Soul Music can bring to you & your loved ones

We warmly invite you to join us for these community evenings, where you have the opportunity to “taste the pear” and experience and feel uplifted, through the wisdom and practice of these powerful Soul Mind Body practices together. There will be an opportunity to receive Special Blessings. Details on the night.